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Chen Yaohui nodded, "well, that's more like it." Then he hugged Gao Jianfei and went inside, explaining, "Jianfei, the kind you saw just now is the lady sitting on the stage.  She was wearing a vermilion "color" slit cheongsam. Her figure was hot, her facial features were beautiful, and her temperament was the same as that of Sally in the casino. However, in this line of smoke, there are some feelings of refusing people thousands of miles away,shuttle rack system, which forms a terrible charm, a charm that men can't wait to conquer her! "Brother Yaohui, you came here in person." Bring a friend to play? Inside, please, inside, please! Said the young'woman 'with a smile, throwing a few winks at Gao Jianfei. Gao Jianfei had the feeling of being shocked and sighed, "This woman is so awesome!"! Chen Yaohui introduced, "Jianfei, this is the manager of our nightclub,heavy duty metal racks, you can call her Feifei." After a pause, Chen Yaohui said seriously to the young woman Feifei, "Well, Feifei, you listen to me clearly, this is my important friend Chen Yaohui!"! Tonight, I, Chen Yaohui, am in charge of all the women in the nightclub, including the waiters, the ladies, the princesses in the private rooms, and the singers who come to perform in the cave. My friends can sleep with whoever they want! This is what I, Chen Yaohui, said! With that, Chen Yaohui turned to Gao Jianfei and said, "Jianfei, we are all men, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, since we are here, you can play freely!"! Jinxing is K! "Huh?"? This Gao Jianfei was a little frightened, although he said that he ate "sex" and "sex", but Gao Jianfei was still a. That, virgin. Therefore, to let him squander his first time here, it is somewhat unacceptable to him! Moreover, the first time to this place, to tell the truth, Gao Jianfei is very nervous, very nervous! Gao Jianfei's eyes began to become somewhat evasive, and when he was in a trance, he suddenly saw a familiar figure. At the door of a private room more than ten meters away, a short and fat man was communicating with a tall woman. As it happened, the light in the private room over there was stronger, and Gao Jianfei almost blurted out when he saw the woman's figure and side face. "Chen Xian!" Gao Jianfei "rubbed" his own eyes. It's really Chen Xian! My colleague in the planning department of Alice Company, Chen Xian, who has always been an iceberg beauty! "I can't believe I saw her here." Can it be said that she is here. Miss Flower market. Fengming Mountain high-grade residential area. Here is a villa area, the environment is quite good, known as the flower market prices expensive place! Those who can live here are almost all successful people in the flower market and even in the whole G province. Feilong's mansion is located in Fengming Mountain Community. It was 10:30 in the evening. After coaxing his son to sleep, Feilong took a can of beer from the refrigerator and went to the huge lawn garden outside the villa. Feilong took off his shirt, tie and trousers during the day, as well as the pressure of the busy day and work. He was wearing pajamas. At this moment, he was in a good mood. In the corner of the garden, there are several swings. Feilong drank beer and walked towards the swing with a smile. There was a gentle smile on his face, and in the moonlight, that kind of gentleness was softer than water! Moreover, in that tenderness, there is a strong love that can not be melted. On the swing, there is a graceful figure sitting on it. She's beautiful. Although she does not look like a teenage girl, her skin is very fair and elastic, and she will not lose to those little girls at all! In her beautiful facial features, there is some temperament of a good wife and mother, her smile is very gentle, under this smile, even the most cruel people will soften their hearts. Husband, this way! As she swung, she waved to Fei Long, "Husband, come here. I have something to say to you." Feilong smiled happily and raised the beer can in his hand to say hello to the beautiful young woman. Then he went directly over and sat on a swing next to the beautiful young woman. Feilong drank beer comfortably and looked at his wife. "Why, wife, don't you sleep?"? Come on, go to bed, we have something to do. If there are outsiders, there are people in the dragon company, they will be very surprised that the dragon would use this tone to speak to a woman. This is an almost coquettish tone, which is absolutely impossible from the mouth of the dragon. However, he is now in this tone, just because he is facing the woman he loves all his life, his wife. He Wanjun.  Why didn't you tell me? Feilong frowned, "this leopard, I told him not to talk nonsense, really." He Wanjun did not comply with the way, "what'disorderly 'talk?"? I'm his sister-in-law, so naturally he's going to tell me everything. By the way,wire mesh decking, husband, Gao Jin's son, Gao Jianfei? 。


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