Iron Head Scholar

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Nanyang Yu Shi saw that his martial arts were not weak, and his moves were strange. Whenever he touched the golden flute, he slipped unexpectedly.   Although the girl in red was taken away by him, her life was not in danger. Maybe it was the trick of the thieves and demons. Nanyang Yu Shi after a journey, see the red shadow has gradually gone gradually small, although he performed flying to the limit, but always on a large distance. The Jianghu knight-errant not only refused to accept the bad breath, but also hurried to catch up with him. To make trouble, Nas was still carrying such an adult, and when he started,stainless steel edge trim, he was always shaking, so when he turned around, he brought up a light smoke. Nanyang Yu Shi is also a little stunned at this moment. This is obviously some evil, otherwise there is no one who can not catch up, although he has tried his best to reach, but more and more far, finally the red shadow disappeared in a flash. Leng Leng, really do not know what to do, estimate, afraid not ten miles, but there are island Saint Ni and others, at the foot of the Four Fingers Peak. Especially when I think of Ruolan, who is also missing. At the thought of Ruolan's disappearance, he temporarily forgot everything. Although he had already made a fool of himself today, he still endured this tone and lazily returned to the original road. I don't know if he had something on his mind or didn't pay attention to the road at that time. After almost a meal, he still hadn't arrived, and in the fields, the old farmer was on his way, so he didn't want to perform his flying skills any more, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile trim, so as not to shock the world. Go farther and farther, not only can not see the shadow of the four finger peak, but see a fertile field, more than hundreds of miles. Although Nanyang Yushi had always been wild and uninhibited, he was also sweating at this time. His heart said, "I'm already sad enough to make a fool of myself in front of the thieves today. Now I can't even find my own people. How can I really start?" Looking around again, he himself froze. It turned out that he was already standing on the bank of the Yellow River, looking at the rolling waves in the distance. The huge wooden boat was being crossed by more than ten people. Although the walk is very slow, the trend of riding the long wind and breaking thousands of miles of waves is also dangerous, especially when you have to take a large angle to reach the other shore according to the predetermined goal. Wooden boats came and waited, and passengers came and went in batches, never an empty ferry. Nanyang Yu Shi in a daze, not a word, is feeling, or don't have something on your mind. Suddenly, looking up, I saw the endless white waves rolling down, and I didn't feel a sigh at the moment. No wonder some people say that the water of the Yellow River comes from the sky. Suddenly there was another sound of hehe. He really deserves to be called a knight-errant in Jianghu and a leader in Jiangnan. He is open-minded and is not fettered by these trifles. Originally, he had lost the girl in red, and he wanted to go back to find the island of Qi, Saint Ni, and others, and then make a plan. Unexpectedly, he took a different route, and even if he turned back, they were afraid that he would not leave early, so he had to make a mistake. It was because of his mistake that he found many branches and leaves, and even this old life was almost lost. The iron-headed scholar, as soon as he saw Nanyang Yu Shi chasing after the impermanence of life, he also issued a faint apology to the girl in red. He thought of the impermanence of life, and had done harm to the girl in red. At that time, if not for the rescue of the island saint, he was afraid that he would not be killed at that time. Of course, being held hostage by him at this time, even if he did not clean up immediately, he would be tortured to death slowly. Although the girl grew up in the Devil's Cave, she was innocent and pure, and her feelings for herself were even more special, especially her dream-like eyes. Thinking of the dream-like eyes, the iron-headed scholar's face was hot and his heart was beating wildly, as if he was going to jump into his mouth. The island saint Ni is short again, a light sigh. Only then did the iron head scholar leap forward. Master.. Below but do not know what to say, obviously at this time, he is also filled with emotion. When the island saint saw that he hesitated and said nothing, he straightened his face and said, "Letter!"! The devils here, or will temporarily hide, according to the girl in red, the devils will go here, will be based in the Qinling Mountains, if its feathers are not abundant, the power has not become, or will not pick.. Half a day later, he continued slowly, "You, Sister Lan, have a wonderful book, and you two are weak before you reach the peak of your martial arts. You should go and find her as soon as possible, otherwise.." The following words were not said again. But his voice was a little hoarse, and the iron-headed scholar could not help trembling slightly. Suddenly, the island saint smiled sadly again and said, "Abbess Mengyun and I will go overseas and stay for about half a year. Then you can wait for each other near Luoyang." With that,aluminum tile trim, he pulled Abbess Mengyun, and the two figures swept up at the same time. In a twinkling of an eye, they were ten or twenty feet away.


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