Seven Rainbows Series--Yutu Dongsheng

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"Forget it!" Short and capable one said: "To quarrel to fight, is the matter of the day, now people are buried a ball, but also for a'egg '!" " "That's not true." The man with a long face said, "Things are reasonable. As long as they are reasonable, they can be argued for three years, not to mention only three days." The yellow-faced man straightened his eyebrows and said, "That's it. He eats meat, and we can't even get soup to drink. Let's not talk about it. At the end of the day, we haven't even got the money for three coffins. That's too bad!" The short man rolled his eyelids. "What do you mean?" "Let's give him a word-three taels of silver, not even one less jumper!" The short man smiled and said, "Zhang is not a fuel-efficient lamp. What if he doesn't agree?" "Then be a bitch to him!" The yellow-faced man was foaming at the mouth and said, "Anyway, it wasn't long before we buried three female corpses. Let's dig them out for him and ask everyone to see if it's a reed mat or a coffin." As soon as the "three female corpses" were heard, yuan Juchen was surprised, and it was impossible not to listen. Long face Hei Hei a smile: "This can be too extreme, unless our three brothers later do not mix in his hands..." "Afraid of a bird?" At this time, the yellow-faced man's voice is small: "Big deal we do not eat this line of food, things shake out, not to mention his surname Zhang can not hold, even the state adults have to be born in a cold sweat, hum.." How big a crime is it to die under a false name? "Ah!" yuan Juchen's head thundered, and with a loud cry in his heart, he was stunned on the spot. Chapter 10 Brother-in-law The long-faced man's face froze. He stared at the yellow-faced man and said,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, "What nonsense are you talking about?"? I don't know. This kind of thing can also be shouted? Slap your mouth! Then he stood up and said, "See you at the Yamen Gate." He left on his own. The short and capable one took one look at yuan Juchen, shrank his neck, and stood up and said, "I want the money. I'll think of another way. Let's go first!" I've gone myself. The yellow-faced man was the only one left, with an angry stomach. He suddenly sighed and complained, "You all go and leave me to settle accounts. That's not a bad idea.". Hey, hey! "I'm not a fool, so I'm going to hang up my account,ceramic bobbin element, and I won't suffer losses." Just about to stand up, but for yuan Juchen to speak out: "Take a step slowly, my friend!" The yellow-faced man was stunned and sat still. yuan Juchen said: It is boring to be alone. The brother speaks quickly, if bear not to abandon, be willing to make a friend with the brother, this meal eats and drinks by the next expense is. The last remark greatly pleased the yellow-faced man. Good to say, good to say. With a smile on his face, he stopped walking. Calling the waiter, yuan Juchen said, "Have a plate of mutton and roast chicken, and a pot of wine." Such ostentation and extravagance is even more to the taste of the yellow-faced man. Laughing, he shook his hand and said, "No, no!"! What a waste, what a waste! "What is a little food and drink?" yuan Juchen reached into his bosom and took out an ingot of five taels of silver. He pushed it in front of the other side and came straight to the point, saying, "To tell you the truth, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, I'm interested in what you said just now. I have a lot of advice. If you tell me the truth, eating and drinking don't count. This silver is my brother's!" The yellow-faced man was stunned, and his face was full of surprise. His class of public servants, usually just a mix of eating and drinking, where have seen such a move? That is to say, in the first time, the dispute is only three or two lines of silver, and it is three people together, the other side of this person, the hand is five or two silver ingots, the real God of wealth from heaven. He was so happy that the stars were flying in front of his eyes and he was on pins and needles. This kind of villain is mercenary. At present, there are no taboos. What else is hard to say? "Say, brother made you this friend, just don't know." What do you want to ask? White flower silver, dazzling pain, left and right is very eye-catching. Pull out a sweat towel from your belt and cover it first. By the way, poke it with your finger. It should be true that it is heavy. The heart is comfortable, the expression is like a spring breeze. yuan Juchen said in a deep voice, "Just now I talked about the burial of three female corpses.." "So that's what I asked.". ” He took one look around and touched his chin with one hand. He said, "Where are we talking about? When we go out, we don't admit it. Although you have a lot of money, if you go to the Yamen, this is a matter of losing your head. Brother Tai, you have to make it clear!" "You don't have to take care of that," said yuan Juchen. "When we go out, we have our own things. When we meet, we don't know each other." "Good!" Yellow-faced man pounded the table: "This is a good friend, enough meaning.". Ask, in addition to my mother stealing a wild man that is not convenient to say more, the other know everything, there must be questions to answer! Here comes the food and wine. "The yellow-faced man honestly and impolitely tore off a chicken leg, took a big bite, raised the pot for a virtual invitation, poured a cup by himself, and looked up." Isn't it just three female corpses? Breathing out a long breath of alcohol, the yellow-faced man said to himself without asking, "I only beheaded him three days ago. It was said that I would be rewarded with three coffins. But at the end of the day, I changed it to a roll of reed mat and buried it in a mess." "That's not the question." yuan Juchen said in a deep voice, "I'm asking the names of the three dead. Aren't they a female member of Lord Pan's family?" "Oh.." The yellow-faced man really took one look at him, nodded, and said, "Brother, you've really asked me at this critical juncture. I'm afraid there's no one else in the whole government except my brother who dares to answer. I don't dare to say more even if I know." "Dude, talk fast and teach when you want to!" All right! I'll tell you the truth. Damn it, when an official does this kind of thing, there's no daylight and no law. I can't stand it! The yellow-faced man put a piece of mutton into his mouth, chewed it twice, and said with a snort, "The mutton is good.". Brother Tai, you really asked the right person today. Didn't you ask the three women who died. To tell you the truth, it was an impostor, not Pan Shilang's family! "What.." yuan Juchen's whole body was shocked: "What did you say?" "It's not Lord Pan's family, you know, it's pretending to be Lord Pan's family,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and it was wrongly beheaded!" "This.." And for what? A burst of surprise, from the bottom of yuan Juchen's heart, is simply a bit unbelievable. Why? Hum.. He raised his neck and drank another cup. He just says: "For color!"! The big girl of the Pan family is so beautiful! yuan Juchen was stupefied.


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