No rain, no sunshine (Gao Ganwen ~ childhood sweetheart ~ end of VIP + three new chapters)

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Now Lin Qing is completely cynical, as long as the thought of the original is the purpose of playing, Zhang Mingwei felt cold all over, simply turned off the machine. Lying in bed at home, I listened to the phone ringing for the fifth time in the living room. He is very persistent, and sometimes he is tepid. Why can't I get through the mobile phone after such a long time? Lin Qing's tone of voice is not good. She answered the phone a little feebly. "I'm asleep." "All right, see you tomorrow." "Well, hang up." The tone of two people is so cold, light. Is it time to end the game without even arguing? &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Originally to work overtime today, listen to Zhang Mingwei said want to eat together, set the work, so many people can not change temporarily, Lin Qing had to deal with desperately, more than eight o'clock all done, with great interest to call Zhang Mingwei. It is true that the mobile phone is turned off and the landline is not answered. When I opened the door, a cold wind came to my face. Throwing a shoe seems to be able to hear the echo, so empty that people feel empty. Lin Qing sighed, when did he begin to be unaccustomed to being alone? Sitting in the sofa is also uncomfortable, can always smell the smell of Zhang Mingwei, but always feel that she never existed. He knew that these days, Zhang Mingwei took away a lot of things one after another, as if ready to go, ready to retreat at any time. Yesterday also took away a pair of thin cotton shoes, oh, really so impatient? The wall clock in the hall showed half past ten, the doorbell rang, and Lin Qing jumped up from the sofa. Unexpectedly, standing at the door was the unconscious Rosini. The beauty swayed uninvited. She had been here twice before. Speaking of it,outdoor spa manufacturers, she was busy with Luo Yang to arrange the house. Walk straight to the restaurant, throw the plastic bag on the tea table, five or six cans of beer. He went to the kitchen to rummage for a while and found side dishes in the refrigerator. What are you doing so late? Lin Ching stood in the middle of the living room with her arms around her. What's the matter? If you have a girlfriend, you forget your old friends. She squinted and clumsily tore off her coat. Lin Qing turned around and picked up her scarf, gloves and leather shoes all the way. Defect! Are you drunk and crazy to come to me? As if she hadn't heard, Rosini opened her own beer and threw it to Lin Qing, "I'm afraid you're in a bad mood, so I'm here to console you." Ah, your girlfriend is not here? Nonsense. If it were here, it would have jumped out long ago. Originally, Lin Qing was already looking through the address book, but her hand was held down. Luo Sini's voice seemed to float from ancient times, mixed with some vicissitudes of life, saying: "Lin Qing, whirlpool hot tub ,endless pool swim spa, you said you would like to accept me." He instantly a little panic in the eyes, she was in full view, but still cruel to ask: "Is not a lifetime?"? Is it still valid? "You're drunk." He didn't want to answer. The promise was too rash. Can you forgive him for being young and ignorant? "Oh, I knew it." Rosie turned around, leaned back, and put all her weight on him. "You must not keep your word.". Be good to me at that time, just want to let Luo Yang can get away cleanly, right? When you come back this time, are you afraid that I will make trouble for your good brother? Lin Qing didn't want to explain anything and reached out to push her onto the sofa. Actually, you can explain. I know you're not like that. At least you have compassion and sympathy for me. Just look at you in the hospital. She laughed until she cried. "But it's not love." Take a towel to wipe Luo Sini's face, the result she has been hiding, Lin Qing threw the towel on the tea table in a fit of pique. Like Zhang Mingwei, I am not lovable. She leaned over with a mysterious look on her face and whispered, "I was beaten a lot when I was a kid. My mother almost married me twice, but I never wanted her." Is it a bitter story? Lin Qing instinctively stopped her, her tone a little stiff, "enough, Rosini, you go to the house to sleep." "I'm not finished yet." She was about to shake her bottom. "When I was in junior high school, I had a boyfriend at school. As a result, I got pregnant and had an abortion.". Later, this matter came to my father's ears, but it became my lack of protection from my father. You know what? With my scar, my mother made my father feel so guilty that he had to marry her. He threatened to give me a home. She insisted that my father was dead in order to preserve the image of a loyal woman in my mind. Then he watched me fall in love with my own brother, and then he told me the truth cruelly. He just stood in the middle of the living room, looking at Rosini rolling on the sofa, and thinking of Zhang Mingwei, who would only cry faintly on his shoulder and then force himself to be calm. Do you know? I haven't made a personal appraisal until now, so they naturally think that my surname is Luo. But my mother used to be a young lady, and I'm afraid she doesn't know who my father is, does she? "That's enough, you go to bed." Lin Qing dragged her to the bathroom and threw her head at the shower head, trying not to wet her clothes, after all, he could not change her. Lying in bed, she was still not honest, holding Lin Qing in a daze, and taking off her own bits and pieces with the other hand. "Zhang Mingwei's mother, if not my mother let her come back close to Lao Luo, intentionally or unintentionally revealed our news.". Her mother, presumably will not come back to pick her up, had already left. The electronic clock showed 00:43, and Lin Qing was smoking in the sofa. The woman who has always been strong, is it because of the world full of deception that she hides her heart so well. Even the first love is nothing but an insistence. What about yourself? How much does she trust herself? Do they have the future? Can she afford what she wants? Is it a relationship or a family? %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% There are more and more cases of sleepless nights, especially after answering the phone,whirlpool hot tub spa, she can hardly sleep. Rosie said that your mother was ordered to come back. She said, "I know." What is the reason? It was so long ago. After all, this mother is pretty good to herself.


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