The beast's blood boils

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"This time we cross the Rubicon!" Liu shook and drained the wine, turned the empty gourd bowl upside down, and left a drop of milk hanging on the mouth of the bowl. Liu shook his eyes and stared at Gotani. The little swan beauty hesitated for a moment and raised the gourd bowl with a complicated expression. Slowly to his lips, he gritted his teeth and drank it down. I will never let you be the second Tracy. No one can separate us. Liu shook off the gourd bowl and hugged the little swan beauty in his arms. Tightly. There was a blush of shame on Goltani's pretty face. Curled up in Liu's shocked arms, his wings rustling. Then what should we do? Liu Zhenzhen's tight face finally stretched out and hung with an ambiguous smile. Goltani closed her eyes, stretched out a slightly trembling slender finger, gently held Liu's shocked face, and slowly lifted her toes. Liu shook and grinned. In the shape of a bear biting a stick, and just as she was about to bite it, the metal of Goltani's hands suddenly spewed out a sharp and sharp mist, which shot into his face together. As the little swan beauty held Liu's chin in her hands, the two wisps of mist sprayed from the wristband were like a sharp scissors, which just crossed and poured into Liu's nasal cavity. Like a giant tree felled from an aesthetic point of view,outdoor endless pool, Lao Liu fell on the carpet with a sound of "Kuang Dang". The air was filled with an intoxicating fragrance of orchids, and the candles flickered desperately. What a "seven days drunk." Goltani breathed a sigh of relief and went limp. He also collapsed on the thick carpet. There was a loud noise outside the tent, and there were signs that it was getting louder and louder. The sound of the long knife coming out of its scabbard was heard again and again. Fei Luo's voice was thunderous: "If anyone takes another step forward, I will split him alive!" Goltani gathered her hair around her ears. He got up from the carpet, stumbled against the door,whirlpool bathtub, lifted the pearl curtain, and said feebly to the noisy crowd outside, "Don't make a noise!" Feilengcui warriors looked back strangely and looked at Gotani. Sister! Are you all right? Cried Gomes, pushing his way desperately through the crowd of ostrich warriors. The little boy was wearing an old suit of armor, his face and wings were smeared with soot, and he looked strange, not like a swan, not like Austreit, but like a crow. Didn't you hear what I just said? Fat Luo grabbed General Boban with one hand and pointed a knife at Gomes, jacuzzi manufacturers ,jacuzzi suppliers, who was about to move forward. Five yards in front of him, there was a horizontal line drawn by a branch on the sandy ground. Gomes was now stepping on the line. One more step and I'll cut him! Fat Luo's roar shook the earth: "Oregon has no patience except for bananas!" "All right!"! No more trouble! Goltani frowned and waved impatiently to the Feilengcui warriors. "What are so many of you doing here? All of you are scattered!" "Landlady!"! It is the duty of the bodyguards to guard the perimeter. If you must let us leave, you must order these Baldur to leave first. Nedved folded his arms and stood out. "Otherwise, we guards would not be able to leave our posts." "All the Austreets listen to me.". Go back to the banquet immediately! Don't ruin my mood here again! Goltani winked covertly at Gomez. All go, all go! Gomes's eyes lit up and he turned to all the ostrich warriors and shouted like a duck. Go, go, go! The ostrich officers became sensible at once, and they were very warlike just now. Yes, Feiji. Confused, the ostrich soldiers followed the officers in a tumultuous salute, retreating sullenly, turning their heads step by step. You can also retreat, the outer security work had better withdraw a little scope, not so close! The new landlady turned her head and gave orders to the Feilengcui warrior. Seeing that the ostrich warriors had turned into birds and beasts, a large number of guards shrugged their shoulders and followed the orders of the new proprietress. Obediently retreated to the distance. "Shit!"! What the hell? Fei Luo took out a piece of bamboo and threw it into his mouth. As he walked, he asked Nedved beside him, "Pavel, which opera are you going to sing tonight?"? Are these Outriggers insane? Come and go for a while! Who knows! I'm sure I'll play tricks anyway! "Leave them alone," Nedved said irritably! Anyway, from tonight to tomorrow morning, Goltani won't step out of this tent! Obislaki! Why do I feel like we're using force to help the boss rape a civilian woman? O'Neill muttered in a low voice. That's an interesting statement. I'll tell the boss tomorrow. Fat Luo laughed. Fuck! You really deserve to be a bastard with a face! O'Fat is angry. Come on, break it up. "Don't bicker," Nedved said. "We're guards, not bitches." "Tutor, do you think the boss will give Gotani." Xiao Cui was a little worried to do the action of slapping and cutting, and looked at his archery instructor and said: "." Goltani is at least a knight of the temple! "A hundred more Knights of the Temple would not be possible." "Want to knock out the boss?" Nedved said disdainfully? Wait until tomorrow for Mourinho to come? Dream on! Armor arrows are not firewood, and not everyone can take them out of the ground. "I agree." Little giant Iverson supports this view: "If the Knights of the Temple can also successfully attack the boss, I will tear off my head and kick you as a ball." "You can't talk too much!"! How about this? We'll eavesdrop on the wall later! If there is a special sound, the boss will be fine. Rodman laughed and said, "If there is silence, we will rush in to rescue the boss!" " A few big inside bodyguard all looked straight at fat Luo,5 person hot tub, see mammoth knife saint a burst of hair, a strong explanation: "I am not voyeuristic ah!" " "The boss doesn't know whether it's OK or not. He just got hit by an arrow today. If we break in, won't we die?" Nedved muttered. Tomorrow I'll tell the boss what you two said. O'Neill said.


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