Feng Ji Sha by Shao Zi _ Pai Pai Novel

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After watching the good play for so long, did the person who tried to smooth things over finally appear? It's just that this round is a little too far. No matter who started the provocation today, as long as any other Marquis in the Empire, as a viscount of Rong Ya, would never have the courage to put a sword on his opponent's neck in public. Ping Nan Hou, Ping Nan Hou. Although he was given the title of Marquis in name, everyone knew that no matter how big the title was, he was just a puppet that everyone could humiliate. Seeing that I did not speak, the old man turned around and ordered, "Somebody, please give Pingnan Hou a glass of wine." Rong Ya, standing opposite, put away his sword with a sneer, looked at me a few times, and put on his white gloves again with a haughty expression. The waiter brought a glass of bright red wine on a tray. The wine made from the best grapes produced in Shangri-La Basin flows slowly in the transparent glass, with brilliant color and fragrant aroma. I took the glass of wine and stared at the sparkling waves in the glass. As long as the hand is turned outward, the whole glass of wine can be splashed on Rong Ya's face. His arrogance at the moment would immediately turn into a mess and become the laughing stock of the aristocracy. The idea flashed through my mind for a moment. I slowly raised the wine in my hand, glanced at Rong Ya, raised my glass to my lips, and drank the whole glass of wine in one gulp. Suddenly there was a slight commotion among the aristocratic crowd who were watching the show with interest. The old man's face suddenly sank when he saw Rong Ya's hand,4 person jacuzzi, which was stretched out to accept the glass, stretched out awkwardly in midair. Give Pingnan Hou another glass of wine. The same wine was served. I didn't say anything, but I picked up the glass and drank it dry. Bring me another one. ……… With more and more empty glasses in the tray, the atmosphere around him became more and more awkward. Rong Ya's face turned from arrogance at the beginning to obvious anger, and at the end, there was a certain bewilderment on his face. In contrast to him, the noble old man looked at me more and more deeply. I think I have guessed who he is. At this moment of stalemate,Whirlpool bathtub, a few slight laughs suddenly came from the rear of the turbulent crowd. Interesting. A strange man's voice came out clearly from behind the crowd, "The royal family of Yishui only toasts respectable people." From today's point of view, this widespread rumor is true. The crowd suddenly parted on both sides, and the big prince in a silver-white dress came up with a glass of wine of the same bright color, smiling at the corners of his mouth, "I wonder if I deserve a toast from the Marquis of Pingnan?" Although there was a smile on his lips, I noticed at a glance that the eyes of the great prince of the Woodlands Empire were colder than ice cubes in wine. The three words'Pingnan Hou 'were deliberately and emphatically spit out from his mouth, reminding me that the intention of my current identity is beyond doubt. I, the Viscount Rong Ya, the elder nobleman, and now the big prince Mo Ji, stood in a small circle of four people, standing silently with each other. Many high-ranking officials and nobles who did not know what was going on in the distance gathered around one after another, while aristocratic ladies in gorgeous evening gowns, endless swimming pool ,hot tub wholesale, holding feather fans in their hands, kept whispering in the distance. Hundreds of pairs of eyes fell on the glass of bright wine in Moji's hand. The atmosphere, which was already quite strange, now became more and more strange, but no one could laugh. The situation at hand is already more than a dispute over a glass of wine. Although I was in a strange environment, with an almost instinctive intuition, I could almost smell the dark waves hidden under the calm surface. He looked thoughtfully at the big prince, who seemed to be aware that I was speculating about his state of mind. His face sank slightly, and his eyebrows suddenly showed a bit of gloom. My heart just a Rin, the next moment, Mo Ji but suddenly laughed out loud, "how, look at the look of Pingnan Hou, will not even want to take this glass of wine in my hand to drink dry?" There was an immediate burst of well-timed laughter all around. Before the laughter was over, a well-trained waiter had already taken the wine from Mo Ji's hand and half delivered it to me. I lightly glanced at the wine in my hand, and before I could say anything, a voice with a teasing smile suddenly came in beside me, "Brother Huang, is it too difficult to invite people to drink in public?" I do not know when the crowd gathered around and separated a road, wearing a bright dress of the second prince Mo, surrounded by bodyguards, from the crowd in a leisurely manner out. Mo Ji looked coldly at the brother standing directly opposite without saying a word. With a smile on his face, the young second prince seemed to look at Mo Ji innocently. He took his time and said, "If the emperor's brother's behavior today is spread outside, everyone who knows it knows that the emperor's brother is playing a joke on the Marquis of Pingnan. Those who don't know are afraid to think that our royal family is so stingy that they don't even want to buy a glass of wine." Ignoring my elder brother's suddenly gloomy face, Mo Du turned his head sideways and said to me with a smile, "Pingnan Hou, since the emperor's elder brother insists that you toast his wine, it would be better to change the bar where I toast you. In this way, everyone will be even, and no one will take advantage of anyone.". What do you think? When the second prince proposed a toast to me, I naturally had nothing to do with it. I simply took the glass that Mo had handed over and drank it down. Mo Ji looked coldly beside him for a long time, then suddenly laughed and said, "The emperor's brother is telling jokes again. This naughty temper is really hard to change." Gently a few words to bring the scene in front of him, he immediately raised his glass to the aristocratic crowd gathered around, laughed loudly, "since Pingnan Hou there has been a toast by the emperor's younger brother, then change me to toast to all present.". With this wine in my hand, I wish the Woodlands Empire prosperity and strength! As soon as the words were spoken, of course, the people around him immediately followed, raising their glasses and saying, "I wish the Woodlands Empire prosperity and strength!" The scene was very lively. I looked at the big prince as if nothing had happened, and then looked at the smiling two princes,endless pool factory, with a feeling of nausea in my heart. Brothers actually fight each other to the point that even a word has to be divided, so incompatible, it is very uncomfortable to see. monalisa.com


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