Xiangxi lies

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"He should be all right now that he's awake." When Professor Sun saw me hesitating, he shook his head and said to Liu Bin, "That's none of his business. Let him go." Liu Bin looked at Professor Sun, did not move, and then turned back to stare at me. You almost shot Li Qian just now! "Li Qian?" I came to Li Qian, but is the person in the wedding dress really Li Qian? "All right, all right, Peng Jian is the same!" Professor Sun waved his hand and looked a little impatient. Let him go quickly, and we have to find Gao Qiang quickly. What happened to Peng Jian? What's wrong with Gao Qiang? Listening to Professor Sun's words, it seems that there is something wrong with the three of us who went forward together this time. Peng Jian is beside you and hasn't woken up yet. Liu Bin curled his lips and came forward to help me untie the rope tied to my body. Gao Qiang also opened a few after you opened that one, and then when I went to see it, he actually rushed over there alone! I listened to Liu Bin's words and turned around to see that Peng Jian had also been tied up and thrown aside. My heart more and more puzzled up, I am toward Li Qian opened one, was tied up still some reasons,Chinese spa manufacturer, that Peng Jian is because of what? Then he heard Liu Bin talking about Gao Qiang and asked again. Where did Gao Qiang go? "Over there, he rushed into the city." Liu Bin raised his hand and pointed. When I looked in that direction, I could only see two solitary pillars standing there with something on them. Farther away, it was dark, vaguely the ancient city that Gao Qiang and I had just observed. He rushed to the city? I looked at the dark shadows of the ancient city and suddenly remembered the city gates and the figures on the walls. There are people in that city! This situation may not be understood by Liu Bin and other people, so I quickly said it. Gao Qiang went that way,outdoor hot tub, maybe the people in the city came out! At this point, I was a little worried again. Gao Qiang rushed over alone. There were at least a dozen people on the wall. Isn't he doomed? Where is mine? There was a man on the wall, and I don't know how many there were in the city! Gao Qiang went alone. I wanted to find a way to help Gao Qiang, so I looked at the others as I spoke. But these people did not mean to worry, Liu Bin looked at me with an incredible face. Professor Sun still frowned. Only Hu Zhiqiang handed over the one he was holding. This was yours. Hu Zhiqiang did not look a bit panicked and anxious. You Seeing them like this, I was confused again. He immediately stopped what he was going to say. Do you know the Empty City Plan? Liu Bin stretched out his hand and stopped my inquiry. Empty city plan? I know about the Empty City Plan, but what's the matter now? I looked up at Professor Sun again. The people on the wall are all fake. Professor Sun explained one sentence. Fake The people on the wall are fake. Is this city an empty city? I seem to understand, but there are still a lot of things wrong. If there is no one in this ancient city, what is Gao Qiang shooting? And what was it that chased me with a bow and arrow? There were only two clay figures at the gate of the city. On the walls, too. Liu Bin saw that I was still confused and quickly added. Aftermath and I went to see it before you woke up. Besides, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, if there were someone, wouldn't he have run out earlier? I don't think Liu Bin looks fake, and it seems right to look down and think about it. But there are still some questions. But if there is no one in the city, what will Gao Qiang do? Hallucinations. The two braziers we saw at the beginning, "Liu Bin pointed to the two lonely pillars not far away.". Then I remembered that the pillar was the pillar of the brazier, but the blue flame on it had been extinguished at an unknown time. Doesn't it burn blue. Its smoke is poisonous, and if you smell it for a long time, you will have some hallucinations. "Oh?" I heard it doubtfully. Liu Bin pointed to Peng Jian, who was still lying on the ground. He first came back and told me you were on fire. When you came over, I wanted to hit you again, and we knocked you out. Then I saw you muttering there alone for a long time, something was wrong, and I felt it before you. When Liu Bin said this, he shut his mouth and shook his fist symbolically. Maybe we walked more easily in the previous section, and we were a little careless. We saw that the blue fire was obviously abnormal and let you approach it rashly. Fortunately, nothing happened. It's just Gao Qiang. Professor Sun waited until Liu Bin finished before he said two sentences of summary. There's no one in the city, the fire is out, and there's no poisonous smoke, so why don't you go to Gao Qiang? Understanding these things, I suddenly worried about Gao Qiang, he ran away alone, and did not know if he would encounter some other dangers. That one When Liu Bin heard my question, he began to hesitate. What's the matter I only said that Gao Qiang had already suffered an accident when he rushed in alone, so I quickly asked him. There seemed to be no one in the town, but there was something strange about it. Liu Bin also frowned at this time. I went to the city gate to have a look, but I didn't dare to go in. There were only a lot of clay figurines in the streets of the city, but there were still fires in some houses. "Fire?" According to Liu Bin, only clay figurines can be seen in the city. Clay figurines do not need lighting. How can we explain the fire in the house? I thought about it, if there was no one in the city, there would be no fire, including the two braziers that made us hallucinate, and they would not burn for hundreds of years. The burning brazier and the light of the fire in the house proved that there should be at least one person making a fire in the city. Could it be that Liu Bin said that there was "no one" in the city. In fact, he was not sure whether there was anyone in the city. If there is fire,jacuzzi bath spa, there should be someone! I made a quick judgment. We haven't found them yet, probably because these people are hiding when they find out we're here. At this point, my heart is heavy again. The enemy is in the dark and we are in the light. These four words now fully illustrate our situation. monalisa.com


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