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Apart from Shangguan Feier, it can be said that each of them is tall and strong, especially the two big eaters, crows and horses, whose usual appetite is equivalent to at least three people. Seeing those deer milk, scones and barbecues, it is not easy to control the water that does not flow out. "Thank you very much," said Zhou Weiqing. "We'll leave after we finish eating." It happened that he also wanted to discuss the purchase of snow deer with the Snow Deer Clan. The previous tent had been destroyed by Han Tianyou. Under the leadership of the Snow Deer Clan, they entered another luxurious tent, with soft fur under their feet. The whole tent was warm. The food of the snow deer tribe has a unique flavor. Although it has a little more leg flavor, it has a kind of wild aroma, which is particularly moving to eat. Even Zhan Lingtian and Shangguan Feier, who had eaten a lot of delicious food, could not help but be moved. Especially the sweet and delicious deer milk, it makes people move their index fingers, as if there is a warm current spreading all over the body in an instant, absolutely enough to nourish. The old man is the head of the Snow Deer Clan today. Although he looks very gentle, the occasional fluctuation of his heavenly power is quite strong. The old man was very respectful to Zhou Weiqing, apparently knowing that Emperor Liujue had accepted him as an apprentice. Senior, have you Snow Deer always lived here? Zhou Weiqing asked the old man. "Don't call me senior,tape measure clip," the old man said with some trepidation. "My name is Ilhan. Just call me by my name.". In terms of seniority, you are one generation higher than me. At that time, my grandfather once served our ancestors. If it weren't for our ancestors, I'm afraid our Snow Deer Clan would have been exterminated long ago. "Oh.". Then I'll call you by your name directly. You can also call me by my name. My name is Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing is not too polite, his position is very correct, modesty is a good thing, but too modest is hypocritical,Walking tape measure, especially, he just worshipped the six emperor as a teacher, in any case can not weaken the name of the teacher. It is better for the old man to obey orders than to be respectful. Mr. Zhou, we snow deer are also nomadic people, but we keep snow deer in captivity. Snow deer is the totem of our people. In fact, we are only a part of the whole tribe here. The purpose of settling here is to make some money from the past human beings while there is no war, so as to maintain the survival of our snow deer race. "In the vast snowfield of beasts, our Snow Deer Clan is only a small clan, with a total population of no more than 10,000, which is far from comparable to those of the Werewolf Clan, the Tiger Clan and the Lion Clan.". Moreover, after years of war, our people have to be deployed to participate in the war, Fish measuring board ,fish measuring tape, although there are not many casualties, but our population base is too small. It's on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, it was our ancestors who proposed to the Snow God Mountain to exempt us from the obligation to participate in the war, and the great Snow God Mountain Lord personally ordered it, so that we Snow Deer Clan had the opportunity to recuperate and do some small business in the frontier. After listening to Ilhan's words, Zhou Weiqing immediately moved in his heart, so it seems that his teacher seems to have something to do with the Snow God Mountain, and even knows the legendary figure who is known as the first strong man in the mainland. I see. Can your captive snow deer be sold? Zhou Weiqing asked tentatively. Ilhan was stupefied for a moment. He shook his head hurriedly and said with an ugly face, "That's definitely not possible. The snow deer is our totem. It gives us life and everything. How can it be used as a commodity?"? Snow deer is also our protector. When we meet the enemy, the most powerful warrior in our clan will ride the snow deer to charge into battle. "Oh, I see." Zhou Weiqing nodded with some disappointment that he could not force others to do so. Seeing the disappointment on Zhou Weiqing's face, the head of the Snow Deer Clan suddenly felt a little frightened. All along, although Emperor Liujue had shown great kindness to their Snow Deer Clan, he had never asked them for anything. With Long Shiya's status and strength, the Snow Deer clan really could not do anything except provide him with some food. At this time, has always been a loner Long Shiya finally received an apprentice, but also made a request, this is not a good opportunity to further curry favor with the six emperor? "Mr. Zhou, what do you want to buy a snow deer for?" Ilhan asked tentatively. Zhou Weiqing laughed and said, "I have an army in the south. I heard that the snow deer of your snow deer friends are tall and magnificent. I wanted to buy some for my soldiers as mounts.". I think it will play a great role in the future campaign. Ilhan frowned and kept silent. Selling snow deer was definitely not possible. The rules of the snow deer clan could not be changed, and even if he agreed, the people would never agree. Zhou Weiqing originally did not report any hope, saw Ilhan did not speak, hurried to grab the food on the table to eat, really want to grab it. As long as he was talking to Ilhan, the others were not polite in the wind and clouds. If Zhou Weiqing was a little slower, I'm afraid there would be nothing left. Zhou Weiqing is eating beautifully, but Ilhan is in trouble. The opportunity is rare, but it is really difficult. After a while, as if he had made up his mind, he finally raised his head and said to Zhou Weiqing, "Mr. Zhou is actually like this.". Our Snow Deer Clan's Snow Deer is really strong, if it is a one-to-one situation, even if you meet a tiger leopard rider, you will have the strength to fight. However, not everyone can ride our snow deer, only our snow deer people can be recognized by them and become powerful snow deer cavalry. How about this? If you need anything in the future, as long as your request comes, and it's not a war against our Beast Empire, I can give you up to 500 Snow Deer Cavalry for you to drive. When the war is over, you can let them come back. Is there such a good thing? As soon as Zhou Weiqing heard this, he was immediately overjoyed. He didn't even have to train to get a snow deer cavalry of five hundred riders. What a beautiful thing it was. Ilhan thought he was too few and said bitterly, "Mr. Zhou, there are only more than ten thousand people in our clan,Walking measuring wheel, and those who can become Snow Deer Cavalry are the best soldiers in our clan.". The total number of cavalry is only one thousand people, we have to leave some, against the possibility of war. It's really the limit to transfer five hundred riders. 。


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