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He hastened to ask about Huo Yuhao and No.98. He immediately picked up the loudspeaker and said loudly on the stage, "Please wait for the distinguished guests who are betting.". There is a small episode that I have to tell you to facilitate the judgment of the distinguished guests. Just now, two powerful soul teachers, No.98 and No.66, who are about to compete, decided to have a two-person bet. The ninety-eighth soul teacher used his carving knife as a bet. And the sixty-six soul teacher as a bet is a powerful soul guide. We will ask the Head Referee of this competition to judge these two items. To determine the value of the bet. Of course, this bet has been completed from now on, and neither side can regret it. No.98 grabbed the amplified soul guide from his hand and shouted, "My bet is a carving knife, so I'll use it later in the game." After saying this, he put the amplifying soul guide back to Ah Jin, and when he looked back at Huo Yuhao, he found that he had lowered his head, and there seemed to be sweat falling from his temples. "Forget it, second brother." He Cai Tou whispered in Huo Yuhao's ear. Forget it? No, it's too late. It's all been announced. Ninety-eight had a good ear, heard his words clearly,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and immediately shouted to stop him. At this time, the three referees sent by the Xishui League had already appeared on the stage, and the referee was replaced again. Because this is the final six battles, the referees who came this time are all level seven soul instructors. Three powerful seventh-level soul teachers. And everyone's face is covered with a veil, obviously, they have a certain status in the outside world, afraid of being recognized by acquaintances. The three referees went to the stage and came directly to the two men. Ninety-eight directly took out his own carving knife and handed it over. In this case,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, he was not afraid that these people would dare to embezzle his carving knife, not to mention. He has a deep foundation. His dark blue carving knife was obviously one size larger than the average carving knife, and there seemed to be rust on it, but it didn't look like real rust. Simple and unsophisticated atmosphere, there is a dragon-shaped relief on each side, the cold air is released, just with the eyes to see, you can also feel the extraordinary carving knife. Of the three referees, the one in the center took the carving knife carefully with both hands. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes. This is Dark Blue Dragon? Ninety-eight said proudly, "Yes, it's my dark green." The referee turned around, took the amplified soul guide from Ah Chin, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,304 stainless steel wire, and said in a deep voice, "Player No.98 is betting on the Dark Blue Dragon Carving Knife. This is a listed carving knife.". Dark blue dragon carving knife, ranking 59th on the carving knife list. With dark, wind, double attribute addition. Any Horcrux made from it will come with both of these attributes. Its weight is three times that of the general carving knife, and it is good at stability. If matched with the right Horcrux, the effect will be very powerful. When making a Horcrux above level 7. Increase the success rate by at least ten percent. Yes, this is the powerful list carving knife. For a soul teacher. The existence of almost priceless treasures. After announcing No.98, the three referees turned their eyes to Huo Yuhao. At this time, Huo Yuhao was holding his attachment to the world of mortals tightly with his right hand, frowning, but refused to speak. Ninety-six at this time also came to ninety-eight side, asked him a few words in a low voice, the eyes have been paying attention to Huo Yuhao. Ninety-eight explained a few words to him in a low voice. There was a clear smile on his face. Ninety-six frowned and scolded him in a low voice. What's your bet? The referee has come to Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao hesitated for a moment, after all, he handed over the attachment to the world of mortals in his hands. This is a gift from my teacher. Don't break it. As he spoke, the look on his face was reluctant. Taking over the attachment of the world of mortals, when the leading referee turned over to look at the core array, his body suddenly shook and he lost his voice: "This is Mingde Hall.." "Shut up." Huo Yuhao exclaimed and interrupted him. The referee also realized something and quickly shut up and looked at it quickly. The other two referees also gathered together, and the three of them looked at it carefully for a long time, and their eyes were full of shock. The main mirror of Mingde Hall is the Horcrux made by Red Dust! Although they are not sure that it is a nine-level Horcrux, it can be seen from the complexity and materials of this Horcrux. The three of them looked at each other, but No.98 was already a little impatient. He leaned over and said, "It can be announced.". Don't be partial, or else, hum. The leading Head Referee nodded his head and said through the amplified Horcrux, "The bet of contestant number sixty-six is a high-level Horcrux.". Its grade cannot be declared for some special reasons. But its value is not under the dark blue dragon. All right, we've verified the bet. The Dark Blue Dragon is temporarily handed over to No.98. The Horcrux is placed here and given to the winner at the end of the game. The bet between the two sides has been established, and if either side goes back on its word, it will be the enemy of the Xishui Alliance. We will do our best and never die! After saying this, the three referees put away their attachment to the world of mortals and went to the referee's seat behind the competition platform. The referee's bench is three chairs on an elevated platform three meters above the ground. It is convenient for the three judges to observe the movements of all the players from that position. Jin took back the amplified soul guide and shouted, "Well, this episode has been completed. I believe the bet of the two soul guides will also have some influence on the bets of the distinguished guests.". There are still ten minutes left. Please place your bets as soon as possible. As soon as the time is up, the gambling table will be closed. With the excitement of this episode, gamblers are betting more enthusiastically. Faint light flashing, Huo Yuhao's face reveals a trace of cold divine light, his right hand gently beat his left shoulder, the corners of the mouth reveal some humorous smile. I took the bait after all! After pushing Huo Yuhao to the Hornguide production platform in the second area, he patted him on the shoulder and returned to his side. Ninety-eight also came to Huo Yuhao opposite the soul guide production platform,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, his face is also full of smiles, "originally produced by Mingde Hall, really good.". It seems that your bet is very sincere. 。 sxthsteel.com


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