Reborn Eighty-Nine Sweet Honey - Crimson My Glory Year

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Lin Miao and Professor Qin poured the medicine into the bucket, while Nie Lan stuffed the bowl of medicine in his hand into the man who was responsible for staring at Zhao Hai. Pour it in for him. As soon as the man took over, he smelled the strong smell of medicine. You know, he has been in this room for a long time, and he has been infected by the smell of medicine in the morning. But I still feel that the medicinal flavor in the bowl is very strong. He frowned and looked at Nie Lan. Nie Lan kept a straight face. "You don't think the bubble soup bug is dead, do you?" The man did not have this idea at all, he just embarrassed how to pour this decoction into Zhao Hai's mouth. At this time, Zhao Hai is still struggling, but after an hour of tossing and turning, this is not much physical energy has been spent almost. When he saw the man coming, his consciousness was almost unconscious, and he was just struggling. The man comes near, sink a track: "Offended." With that, he pinched Zhao Hai's jaw in one hand and poured the medicine down directly. The entrance of the bitter and astringent taste of the medicine immediately excited Zhao Hai. He struggled as if he had been beaten with chicken blood. Several men on one side were busy. The man poured the medicine and gave up his place. The four men cooperated tacitly and finally put the man in the bucket. Lin Miao and Professor Qin stood there watching. All three of them were serious, but their six eyes were shining. Men also know that three people need to observe Zhao Hai's reaction and make the next adjustment. But looking at the three of them looking at Zhao Hai like a monkey, he still felt uncomfortable for a while. Lin Miao is extremely sensitive to emotions. As soon as the man frowned, she looked over. Seeing the man's ugly face, she smiled, but ignored it. Zhao Hai fluttered for more than ten minutes,Magnesium Oxide price, then gradually slowed down. Slowly, he leaned against the edge of the barrel and fell asleep. Only then did the three of them come to the front. Lin Miao and Professor Qin should give him a pulse, while Nie Lan used an instrument to test his heartbeat and blood pressure. The three of them worked around Zhao Hai for a long time before they left. About to go out, Lin Miao said, "In half an hour, I'll move him out." The man pursed his lips and watched the three of them leave in silence. But they did not know that when they came to the front yard, they were silent. The situation has improved slightly, but it is not optimistic. Professor Qin made an assertion. Lin Miao nodded. But at least it shows that it is still effective now, and the resistance of insects to medicinal soup is not high. She thought for a moment and then added, "I want to use more herbs made in the north." Lin Miao did not know where Teng Qiang's ancestral home was, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, but inferred from the location of the encirclement and suppression of insects decades ago that Teng Qiang was raising insects, and the medicinal materials used must be mostly abundant in the south. Traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound, the same medicine, is the difference between the north and the south, the efficacy will be different. Professor Qin's eyes moved slightly, as if he had thought of it. Nod your head too. Nie Lan is used to speaking with reagents. But now Zhao Hai is extremely resistant to the chemical mixture. Then some of the medicines prepared before are not suitable for Zhao Hai to use. This requires Lin Miao and Professor Qin to prepare a decoction with the same efficacy. As far as I'm concerned, the medicinal soup should be able to be used for a while. "Lin Miao said," Master, I'll ask you for another medicine. " Professor Qin nodded with a smile, and his face was light. But Lin Miao knows that Western medicine and Chinese medicine are two systems. And the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is slow, so it is not easy to achieve the effect of that medicine. Chapter 812 progress. 812 But her teacher accepted it without a word. Lin Miao moved the corners of his mouth and finally said nothing. Professor Qin looked at the sky and said with a smile, "I've been busy for so long. Is it time to eat something?" Lin Miao and Nie Lan just remembered that they had not eaten dinner yet. By this time it was already full of stars, and Nie Lan asked the special assistant to go down a few bowls of noodles. The three of them settled their dinner in a hurry with pickles. Lin Miao was going to the laboratory again, and Professor Qin stopped her. You've been busy all day, and you should rest quickly. "It's good to make room for me and your grandmother Nie." Lin Miao turned his head and nodded when he saw Nie Lan and Professor Qin looking over. After a busy day and a lot of brain cells, she was really tired. Back in her room, she took a hot bath, got into the quilt, closed her eyes and fell asleep. When I opened my eyes again, it was already light. She got out of bed, washed her face, and opened the curtains. Then I saw that the lights in the opposite laboratory were still on. Lin Miao was a little surprised and hurried over. Professor Qin was reading the letter when he saw it was Lin Miao. He smiled. What are you doing here? "Master, have you been up all night?" Lin Miao frowned. Professor Qin waved his hand and said, "Come and have a look at my prescription." Lin Miao walked over and swept along the prescription he handed over. Earlier, the medicinal soup she used to recuperate Hou Tiantian was slightly changed. Several of them are marked with the need for the north, while the others are directly replaced by the more expensive ones, and the year is not long. Seeing that Lin Miao was silently calculating the medicinal properties in his heart, he said, "I consulted President Nie about the medicinal properties of her mixture and slightly modified it." "Now it seems that the child should take very little Chinese medicine." "I just don't want to use too good medicine." "Otherwise, when the insect becomes resistant, there will be nothing to hang it." Lin Miao nodded. Lin Miaozhao still has to insert a lot more than Professor Qin when it comes to prescribing prescriptions to support the pulse. Then I'll change the herbs in the soup. Professor Qin smiled and watched his favorite student hurriedly go to the other side of the table to revise the prescription. The sun is gradually rising. When Nie Lan came over, he saw the master and disciples squatting in front of the medicine pot to boil the medicine. She frowned slightly and was about to come when she heard a noise coming from the backyard. The corners of her mouth moved and she finally sighed. Lin Miao had poured out the soup with Professor Qin and hurried to the backyard. Nie Lan hurried to follow. At this time,Magnesium Sulphate price, the men are pressing Zhao Hai. Seeing three people, Zhao Hai turned his head and showed a ferocious and ferocious expression. Bai Yi poured the medicine into the bucket with a full expression, totally ignoring the fact that people were placed on the ground and could not move.


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