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That is, about ten minutes, the high rock tribe has a lot of people to see the situation is not good toward the way to flee. They did not dare to go into the woods because they were afraid that there would be enemies in the woods. Although the dark clouds know that they are the people of the White Lotus tribe, the ordinary people below do not know. They thought they were being targeted by some powerful enemy. As a result, in the back of a mess, the front of Li Ya has been separated by the pit, the hands of the stone spear shadow, in succession through the four high rock people. Rubbish, you're a bunch of rubbish, why don't you pull me up!!! Feeling that their lives were threatened, the dark clouds cried out to the clansmen above the pit. Li Ya, who heard his cry, had a cold look in her eyes, picked up a bone spear beside the pit and threw it directly at the dark clouds. With a splash, the bone spear pierced the dark cloud's arm, and he cried loudly in pain. Above the pit, some of the loyal Gaoyan people shouted to jump over the pit to attack Liya, but they overestimated their jumping ability and underestimated the distance of the pit. Thump, thump, seven or eight Gaoyan people managed to fall into the pit. Seeing this, Li Ya hardly made a sound of joy. Are these guys playing with themselves? But you can't say that these people's actions are useless, this is not, it is these desperate guys jump into the pit, the dark clouds can successfully trample them, climb out of the pit in a mess. Patriarch, what shall we do? Listening to a roar from the rear, a high rock management asked the dark cloud. The dark cloud just wanted to speak,Magnesium Oxide price, but Li Ya laughed: "Black vine, it's your turn to start!" When the dark cloud, who had wanted to take his people to fight with Li Ya again, heard this, he didn't even think about it. He covered the wound on his shoulder and shouted, "Retreat, retreat, retreat!"! Get out of here! Dark clouds have said so, how can anyone object below? As a result, the Gaoyan tribe,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, which was crowded into a mass, had almost no suspense and retreated cleanly with a whoosh. Apart from some wounded and thrown on the ground and some killed Gaoyan people, you can't find even one Gaoyan people on this road full of blood and broken arms and limbs. Except, of course, for the twenty or so unlucky people in the pit. Ha ha, happy, happy! A brilliant victory, many white lotus people are excited to call. Looking at everyone's excited smiles, Li Ya also breathed a sigh of relief, at the same time, a big stone in her heart finally fell to the ground. It seems that, as Ji said, the Gaoyan tribe simply did not think that they would counter-attack. This victory, it can be said, is really out of danger. If the Gaoyan tribe reacts a little faster, or the commander of the dark cloud does not chase himself into the pit, he is afraid that it is a matter of his own small number of people, and will soon be discovered, then what will be the consequences, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, there is no need to think at all, nor dare to think. 706.-Now I'm scared too. A clansman came up and looked at Li Ya, who was pressing her face, and asked, "What's the matter with you, Lord Li Ya?" Li Ya shook her head and glanced at the crowd. "I just found a problem." Everybody is stupefied: "What?" According to Ji's command, Li Ya turned her mouth to the Gaoyan people in the pit in front of her and said, "They seem to be from the Gaoyan tribe." When the words fell, everyone was silly. No, not Lord Leah. You just said these guys were? "People from the Gaoyan tribe," said Li Ya. With a coax, all the people present were in a mess, one by one, all screaming. High, High, High Rock Tribe! Li Ya tilted her head. "Yes." "Oh, my God, we, we just hit the High Rock Tribe?" "This, this is over. We hit the Gaoyan tribe. They, they will certainly retaliate against us." "Originally, the Gaoyan tribe didn't want to hit us, but now, they will do anything to us. Alas, how can we hit the Gaoyan tribe?" Li Ya looked at some frightened clansmen, the heart said with a thief guess similar, everyone heard the enemy is the high rock tribe, are scared to death. As a result, she cleared her throat and coughed, "Everybody, don't make any noise first. Can you listen to me?" Li Ya shouted several times in a row, and then everyone calmed down and looked back at Li Ya. Li Ya opened her mouth and said, "What's wrong with the Gaoyan tribe?"? Just hit it. "" "It's not Lord Liya, it's the Gaoyan tribe." "I know." "Aren't you afraid of them, Lord Riya?" As soon as Li Ya's mouth turned to the twenty unlucky people who had shrunk into a ball in the pit, she pointed to the wounded and wailing Gaoyan people everywhere on the path: "Afraid?"? Why should I be afraid? If this is what the Gaoyan tribe is like, why should I be afraid? When they heard this, they were stunned, and then they said it was reasonable. If it was such a high rock tribe, what was there to be afraid of? Seeing the crowd's reaction, Li Ya grabbed the stone spear and aimed it at a Gaoyan man. "Say, what are you doing here in the middle of the night? And how many people have you come here this time?" Li Ya knew the purpose and number of the Gaoyan tribe, and she asked this question entirely for everyone to listen to. The Gaoyan clansman who was pointed at by the stone spear swallowed saliva and avoided Li Ya's eyes with some fear: "Steal, sneak attack.". Our clan, the chief of the clan, said that if we attack you tonight, we will succeed. The people of the White Lotus Clan next to the pit were all angry: "Damn it, you dare to sneak attack!" Liya stopped the conversation with a wave of her hand and then asked, "Go on, how many people have you come?" "Two, more than two hundred people are all here." The words fell, and all the White Lotus people present, except Li Ya, changed their faces. One by one, the heart can not help but fear up. Two, more than two hundred people, this, that is to say, just now thirty people launched a surprise attack on two hundred people? Are you kidding me? As a result, many white lotus people are afraid to reach out and touch their heads. Li Ya saw such a situation,Magnesium Sulphate producer, deliberately burst out laughing, her laughter, attracted the eyes of all come to see.


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