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Lin Tian smiled and said, "Brother Long, I don't know what year it was. Even if all the seven star keys came out, it's probably not easy to get together. Maybe many people prefer the mountain forest without tigers.". As soon as the seal is released, we, the masters on the earth, will be far worse than others! It is better to be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail. If the earth is sealed all the time, then the master of the yuan infant period now enjoys the top treatment. Wherever he goes, he will be in awe. But once the seal is unlocked, what is the yuan infant period?! yuan Ying period in some big schools, it is estimated that three generations of four generations of disciples, walking outside, have to be careful, for fear of offending people or where a devil came out to lose his life in a muddle! Long Lingtian frowned and said, "You're right. Personally, I agree to unseal it. It's not a way to seal it all the time. Now the vitality of heaven and earth on the earth is still slowly decreasing.". Ziji Zhenren and Sword Emperor Gujianfeng should also agree, but it's hard to say about the Pope and Blood Emperor. Cihang Jingzhai just got the star key for a short time. He may prefer to rely on the star key to increase his strength and then open it. After all, we don't know what the outside world is like. We don't understand why there was this seal in the first place. If this seal is a big disaster for the earth, it will be in trouble! As soon as Lin Tianyi heard Long Lingtian say so, he also frowned secretly. What he had thought before was still too simple. We can only take one step at a time. Sometimes the development of the world is always unexpected! Lin Tian whispered. I mean, you two are almost forgetting me, aren't you? Long Hua spoke out. Madam President, do you have any suggestions? Lin Tian asked, Longhua as the chairman of a country, the consideration of the problem is much more comprehensive than he naturally! "I think the first thing we need to do is to understand what happened in those years, why those predecessors left the earth and sealed the whole earth, no, the whole solar system should be sealed up, to seal such a big solar system, I personally feel that only real immortals can do it!" Long Hua Dao. If it is done by a single person, it must be a real immortal, and it must be done by a relatively high immortal, but it may also be done by many masters working together, in that case,industrial racking systems, it may not need immortals to do it! Long Ling Tiandao, "but Chairman, you are right. Our first step is to find out the reason why those predecessors left the earth. If we find the reason and then open the seal, we will be more sure. Don't be full of devils outside, ha ha!" "Brother Long, can't you say something nice?" Lin Tian rolled his eyes and said, "Even if there is a devil outside, don't we have to break the seal?"? Otherwise, when the vitality of heaven and earth is over, can there still be people on the earth? Chapter 243 Skynet! Finding corrupt officials is not easy for others, but for Lin Tian, it is not difficult, because he has a small spirit, with the ability of a small spirit, can easily get a lot of information on the network, even encrypted computers, it is not difficult for him, metal racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, this year, computers have been very popular. And a lot of corruption is achieved through the network, and some things, many officials have the habit of hiding it in their own computers! If an official's bank account is often inexplicably deposited with a large amount of money, then the official is estimated to be innocent! The website Skynet was known by countless people across the country almost overnight, not only because of a very arrogant sentence written on its homepage: Heaven's justice is long and narrow, and it catches all corrupt officials in the world. What's more, the link of Skynet, at the same time, was hung on the major portals. Not only that, as many as hundreds of millions of QQ users in China were all sent the link of Skynet. If it was a general website, the impact of such a large flow would have caused the server to strike long ago, but when users entered Skynet, there was no delay at all. Skynet above, of course, is not just that arrogant words. That sentence is written at the top of the front page, and at the bottom are the names of all provinces in China, the names of municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan! Click the name of those provinces, you can enter the secondary page, that page above, is the name of a city and county, and then click into the three-level page, on the three-level page, other provinces have nothing for the time being, but on all the three-level pages of A province, there are a lot of information, those information, terrible! "XXX, embezzlement amounted to a huge 17000000, more than one million, sentenced to death, executed within three days!" "XX, who committed a crime in X year X month, committed three consecutive crimes in three years, and was sentenced to death and executed within three days!" "XXX, who colluded with the underworld, led to the unjust death of eight people in four years when he was the director of the Public Security Bureau, accepted bribes amounting to three million yuan, and was sentenced to death and executed within three days!" …… Above Skynet, there is no ordinary punishment, only one: the death penalty! Not on the Skynet, does not mean no crime, but the crime is not enough to die! As soon as Skynet came out, it attracted the attention of almost everyone in China. The officials in A province who were on Skynet were even more frightened. Most of them asked for leave and hid at home, while a small number of them went to work as usual, with a black face. Anyone who was looked at by the strange eyes of countless people would not feel comfortable! "Cha, hurry up and find out what the hell the net was that day, and what kind of person was behind him, so as to ruin my reputation!" The deputy mayor of a city in a province was furious. He said so in his mouth, but in his heart he was very surprised. He had been an official for so many years. Of course, he knew the importance of the word "be careful". All along, he was careful to receive some benefits. How could he be known?! Moreover,shuttle rack system, the above record is really very clear, "No, we must quickly transfer the money again!" He said in his heart.


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