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Ji Xingling almost spit out the coke in his mouth: "No, what kind of wretched thoughts do you have?" "It's written in the news that you can search for low-quality people who retaliate against society." Lin Jing lay on the sofa, too lazy to move. "Give me the ice cream." "Then I'll take you to my swimming pool." Lin Jing turned to look at him for a while: "You hateful rich man." Ji Xingling is happy: "Will you go?" "I can't swim." "I'll teach you." "Well, where is your swimming pool?" "The old house." The villa in Huanxi has a private swimming pool in the backyard. Lin Jing has never been in the water since he was born, because he really can't prove that all the people in the pool are of good conduct and no one urinates indiscriminately. Although there must be disinfection, it has nothing to do with disinfection. I had a rare chance this time, so I didn't refuse. The next morning, the driver sent them back early. Aunt has prepared fruit and drinks, Ji Xingling stirred the milkshake in the kitchen: "You can sit anywhere, don't mention it, upstairs on the left is my bedroom." Lin Jing was not very used to this bright and luxurious living room, so he went to the second floor first. Ji Xingling's bedroom is covered with a small living room, the decoration is much simpler, that is,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, simple black, white and grey, with a little blue neutralization. A lot of star posters were lost on the sofa, and there were neat trophies in the cabinet. Yes, the school bully also had trophies,automated warehouse systems, but most of them only stayed in kindergarten. They were all running competitions, swimming competitions and so on. The only certificate of merit for the three good students in the first grade was related to learning. Lin Jing wanted to touch the precious certificate of merit with his own hands, holding the mentality of "Ji Xingling has had three good students". As a result, the eldest young master just came in with a milkshake. As soon as he saw it, he reminded him: "Hey, be careful. That thing is very heavy. It's pure gold." As soon as Lin Jing's wrist was soft, it was not easy for him to hold the small 24-karat gold award in his arms. Ji Xingling explains again: "My mom is inlaid." Teacher Xiao Lin, as a big award family, carefully pondered about Aunt Hu's motherly mentality at that time, and tears were about to fall down. He immediately said, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,heavy duty metal racking, "You go back tonight and continue to recite words. If you can't finish reciting, you can't sleep." I've got more than 500 now, and my mother is very happy. Ji Xingling handed him the milkshake, "and we also reached a friendly covenant, if I can get on the key line of the college entrance examination, I can exchange a car." "Do you repeat the Bugatti Veyron an average of 100 times a day?" "That wouldn't be so pompous." Ji Xingling pulled him, "what kind of car do you like?" "Do you buy what I like? Then I like Optimus Prime." “…… Forget it, you should sit back and drink the milkshake. Chapter 80 AD4 Teacher Xiao Lin's own swimming trunks are relatively plain, with big flower underpants on the beach and a vest. Ji Xingling was stunned: "Are you going to swim or go to the park to walk birds?" "What park to walk birds? I bought it in Thailand during the summer vacation." Lin Jing replied, "Be reasonable. You just said you wanted to swim yesterday. I don't have time to buy equipment." "Here, wear mine." Ji Xingling took out a set from the cabinet, "I haven't unpacked it yet." Lin Jing glanced at the muscular mens briefs on the package and calmly refused: "I don't think my current swimming level is worthy of such professional clothing." Ji Xingling observed him carefully and suddenly said, "Hey, you're not embarrassed, are you?"? I didn't see it. I really didn't see it. Some people are so conservative that they dare not wear a pair of swimming trunks. "Certain person" eyelid lifts: "Right, I dare not wear namely, do you have an opinion? No, how can Mr. Kobayashi not follow the inherent process of goading? Shouldn't he wear one in anger! Big young master still does not give up, intonation owes ground: "Right, I have an opinion namely." "It's no use for you to have an opinion. It's not illegal for me not to wear swimming trunks." Lin Jing gave him the empty milkshake cup. "Hurry up!" "What a bad attitude you have towards learning!" "If you don't teach me, I'll go flopping by myself!" “……” Ji Xingling hurriedly changed his clothes and followed him. The water in the swimming pool is very deep. As an elegant handsome man who is extremely concerned about face, Lin Jing actually checked the swimming tutorial carefully on the Internet last night. He studied hard for half an hour in his mind so as not to lose face in front of his boyfriend today. He even fantasized about performing without a teacher on the spot. But after entering the water, I found that there was a gap between theory and practice, so I had to hold the pool pole with one hand and ask, "What am I going to do next?" "Didn't I just teach you to kick?" Ji Xingling clenched both of his hands. "You try to swim forward, and I'll pull you." "Then don't look." "What if I don't watch you drown?" Ji Xingling refused this unreasonable demand and pulled him slowly to the deep water area. Lin Jing's feet left the bottom of the pool, panicked for a moment at first, and unconsciously clenched each other's hands. Don't be afraid. Ji Xingling comforted him in time, "I'm here." "I applied for a swimming ring." "My family only has the yellow duck I used when I was five years old." "All right, shut up. I don't want it." Ji Xingling smiled a little cute, and taught for a while, testing: "I let go of a hand?" "Do you really think I'm good enough? I don't want to drink pool water." "It's no loss for you to drink it. This is the water of Qingqiu Lei Ze. It's specially airlifted. It's spiritual." “……” Damn rich monsters. But after all, a straight A student is a straight A student. Two hours later,pallet rack shelving, Lin Jing was almost able to swim back and forth by himself. Ji Xingling sat by the swimming pool and called him: "Come up and drink some juice." "No." I just got addicted to swimming. Monster's juice. “……” Lin Jing climbed ashore in a wet vest and big underpants. Ji Xingling endured and did not laugh: "What do you want to eat at noon?" "Let's go to Fuxi Street. It seems to be quite close to here. I'll treat you to a lobster hamburger." Lin Jing wiped his hair and basked in the warm sunshine for a while. "What did you say about the water in the swimming pool?" "Razor, a very large body of water." "Is there any pollution in Lazer?" "How can there be pollution in the mountain sea area?" "Well, I'm just asking." 。


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