In terms of God, I only serve my teammates.

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In fact, they are not trolls, nor are they angry youth. They used to cheer for the Chinese team through live broadcasts and even rushed to the scene during international competitions. After getting the result of 0:3 again and again, they angrily began to attack the team that disappointed them. They urgently needed a brilliant victory to vent their suppressed emotions. The nm team is one of the 16 top professional teams in the LPL, and they carry the hopes of hundreds of millions of Chinese League of Legends players. It can be said that compared with the on team with two South Korean foreign aid, they have more expectations for the nm team. Fanatic crazy analysis nm team is how unstoppable, domestic double C position is how fierce, the rest of the position is how stable, the team with how tacit understanding, they have not lost the game for a long time, they are unstoppable! In the analysis of the strength and competition experience gap between the emerging team and the Korean team, the rational faction was afraid that they would be disappointed again, so when they bad-mouthed that the Korean team would lose, they had unlimited expectations that they could defeat the Korean team, and even the deepest cry in their hearts was that they could win the championship. So when the match between nm team and rot team began, many people did not dare to watch it. They thought that the end had been decided, and they did not want to see the Chinese team being dominated and swept by the Korean team. So at the beginning, the number of people watching online was very small,aluminium coated tubes, even lower than the group match with the Chinese team. But when the nm team forced South Korea's second seed team rot team to the highland with the tactics of changing lines and pushing four points, all the players who were watching the live broadcast began to tell each other in the circle of friends, micro-blog, q-q and other places, telling everyone how unstoppable the nm team was! At the sight of the explosion of the rot highland crystal, everyone's hopes were completely lit up. The round of 8 is bo5, the best of five games. After the end of the first game,cold drawn tubes, many people who did not watch the live broadcast did not believe this fact at all. When they received the first consultation from Zhangmeng, they opened the live broadcast room one after another. 【666】 [Heard nm won? Ture [Really won!] ***, I want to cry! The triple kill of bye just now is so handsome! My God, there is a Chinese team that can do rot in my lifetime, and I can blow for a year!!! …… However, there are few bad-mouthing comments. [Just win one game, don't scold if you lose later, OK?] [The rot international competition has never lost except the civil war. In the first round, they just didn't understand nm. In the first round, they found out the routine. What did nm win?] How can you win three games with a woman against the South Korean team? Take this victory and brag for a year, suckers!] …… But after the first game, the nm team in the lounge atmosphere is very dignified, side impact beams ,stainless steel 304 pipes, Yin midsummer first game is playing the details of the more intensive operation of the hero fox, although there is no problem with the wrist in the course of the game, but in the last wave of the game when the team battle suddenly appeared pain, she played a wave of expressionless group ended the game. When she returned to the lounge, everyone found her pale face. The coach sprayed her directly with pain-relieving spray and suggested that Wei Xiao play in the following matches. You shouldn't listen to me and take the fox. In fact, you can take the Lovelan just now. Zhao Zifeng's tone with self-reproach, the first game selection is his opinion, took the line-ups of the fox with the mantis, he knows that the details of the fox hero operation is far greater than the rest of the single hero, and just a few waves of team battles are very intense. Foxes are basically everywhere on the battlefield, replenishing troops and stealing people are all covered, it is estimated that the force is too strong and triggered the  could back up. No, when it recurs, the sequelae of high-intensity activities are too great. Gu Bai spoke to  decisive. She simply turned away from the coach and looked at Wei Xiao. She said to him: "I have a normal injection of today's medicine. I took three doses of painkillers just now, and it will work in a few minutes.". I promise it won't affect the game, okay, boss? Wei Xiao did not answer and asked her: "Are you sure you can?" Yin Midsummer nodded. Wei Xiao replied: "Yes." Gu Bai looked at her worriedly beside her, and after the matter was finalized, several people discussed for a while the second game was about to begin after the line-ups. The second game,beam impact tubes, the rot team has been through the video analysis of the nm team in the single seems to have some problems, the camera of her frowning eyebrows and pale face too can reflect some of the problems. Some of the viewers who watched the live broadcast also found something unusual about Yin Midsummer, and some even speculated whether she had a temporary period.


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