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"Mmm!"! A kind of vicious hidden weapon kills people invisibly. It is the unique hidden weapon of Zhao yuansheng, the leader of the Golden Dragon Sect, Yunlong Sanxian, five years ago. The hidden weapon that can cause disasters must have a long history with Zhao yuansheng. It is either a descendant or a fellow disciple. Your good friend, the featherless crane, was destroyed by this hidden weapon. "Ah!" Yu Hong jumped up steeply from his chair. "So I have to find this man and chop him under the knife.". But Brother-in-law, does this have anything to do with the abduction of Xiaoqiang? "Yes!" Ding Hao said in an emphatic tone. How to say? "The Black Confucian is also the enemy of the Golden Dragon Gang, and I am suspected to be the descendant of the Black Confucian, so I am forced to find out that the Black Confucian is a causal relationship." "When the younger brother understands, he will pay special attention to it." "I'm leaving!" "Why don't you stay." "Your relationship with me is best kept private." "Oh!" Ding Hao opened the door to look out and left quickly when he saw no talent. Yu Hong nodded with a grim smile on his face. Ding Hao went straight out of the city. People were coming and going, and no one recognized him as the sour scholar who had shaken the whole Wulin, so he was now just one of countless pedestrians. He is intended to appear, he is used as bait, ordinary people do not recognize him, but those who are interested will never relax him, he must find clues from no clues, pull the enemy out of the dark. The other party robbed Aiko Xiaoqiang, who wanted the Black Confucian to come forward. Can the Black Confucian reappear? He was determined to solve the case by his own ability, and only went to the Weiling Palace to ask the Master for instructions as a last resort. The wardrobe of the Black Confucian has been destroyed by the master himself, which means that the Black Confucian will never reappear. However, Jianghu people have too much helplessness and often can't help themselves. This is a great sorrow. There are fewer and fewer people coming and going, and the magnanimous palace road is in sight. At the crossroads, a voice suddenly said, "Beware of the dog behind!" Ding Hao's heart moved, he turned his eyes,wire nail machine manufacturers, did not find any special person, only a small peddler shaking a small drum, grinning at him. Who is this peddler. Now, of course, he could not go to chat with the peddler, which would alarm the so-called "dog behind". He went straight ahead and went west on the official road. He felt it, and sure enough, there was a spike behind him. The sound of the small peddler's drum has fallen far behind, and gradually can be heard. He doesn't want to get rid of it. That's what he wants. Before long, a small forest appeared on the side of the road, and a path ran through the forest. He stepped onto the path without hesitation, without looking back, and felt that someone was at the small intersection. Into the forest a few feet, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine price, a sharp turn this place, just have dense brambles, he quickly covered in, waiting for the following. An old man from the countryside led a village girl twenty to the right into the woods. The village girl bent her hand and hooked a bundle, like a father and daughter on their way. Ding Hao is greatly surprised, is this the so-called "dog" who is always tracking himself? The girl looked around for a moment and pointed to a stone beside her. Father, you rest here for a while, I am convenient to come! Then he walked inside. The old man sat down with difficulty. Ding Hao did not know whether to laugh or cry. It was convenient for him to go into the woods. Where's the nail man? I didn't dare to break into the woods. I really regret that I didn't look back when I entered the woods just now. About a cup of tea, the girl returned to the old man. How's it going "No shadow!" "Did you slip along the path?" "So it seems!" "What to do?" "Go after it." "Don't bother, it's just here!" Ding Hao appeared, and he confirmed from their conversation that he was the one who was following him, dressed up as a spy. The old man stood up straight and the woman took a step back. The two men's faces were ashen and trembling. The consequences of this leak do not ask to know, the name of Ding Hao, a sour scholar, has not been provoked by many people in Jianghu. You two are really like each other! Ding Hao said coldly. Sour scholar, you. The old man's teeth were chattering. Why do you want to follow a little? The old man raised his hand steeply and covered Ding Hao with black sand. With a wave of Ding Hao's hand, the black sand rolled back. At the same time, the old and the young shot in two directions like lightning. The old man ran in the direction of the forest, while the young girl ran in. As soon as the old man fell together, Ding Hao was already standing in front of him. Since he could not escape, his resistance was in vain. He stood stiffly and had no other way but to accept his fate. "Can you speak now?" "Under orders, there is nothing to say." The old man seems to have thrown caution to the wind. On whose orders? "The old man will tell you." "You want to die?" "I admit it!" What if you don't die? Ding Hao is ready to use extraordinary means to extort a confession. No! "" The old man gritted his teeth, and his face stood up and twitched. As soon as Ding Hao's mind moved, the old man had already fallen down and died immediately. He was clearly using braces to hide poison. What a powerful poison! In a twinkling of an eye, he could kill himself. The old man was only ordered to be nailed, and his identity was exposed at the cost of death. From this point of view, isn't the person who gave the order more poisonous than this kind of poison? If the girl was intercepted and the old man was spared, would the result be like this? Ding Hao thought in his heart, turned his face and was shocked, unexpected situation, the girl actually returned to the original place, she clearly has escaped, this is why? The girl came over and stopped, her face shrill and frightening. What's she up to? Ding Hao has experienced too many strange things, but this situation is really incredible, has been lucky to escape, and come back to die, according to reason can not be justified, unless it is to help, but look at her expression is not like, this is why? In his mind, he raised his vigilance. Why didn't you run for your life? "You can't escape!" "What do you mean?" Ding Hao is very strange. No need to ask,Nail machine manufacturer, you can kill me, it should be an honor to die under the sour scholar! The girl's voice was calm, as if she were talking about someone other than herself. Ding Hao stared at each other for a moment. Your companion is self-inflicted. "Of course I know." "Why aren't you like him?" "I'm not qualified!" "Do you want to talk about qualifications even if you cut yourself?" Ding Hao was even more surprised. Pretty good "Why don't you make it clear?" 。 3shardware.com


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