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"Yes, and the quality of these elixirs is top-grade, as if they were copied. It can be seen that the skill of refining elixirs is very high. I heard that Yang Haoxuan also knows the skill of elixirs, and he is the elder of the Tang family. It seems that the rumor is true." "And you see, among these elixirs, there are some special attributes, rare elixirs, which are very helpful to us!" "We may break through Emperor Wu this time. If we return to the sect, it will certainly cause a sensation. Even if we become elders, it is very possible!" In the hall, thousands of elixirs were floating in the air by Yang Haoxuan with internal force, raining one after another, the scene was shocking! Yang Haoxuan was very satisfied with their appearance and said with a smile, "If you need something, just take it. If it's not enough, tell me again. I wish you a breakthrough." With that, another handful of elixir was thrown into the air. This is undoubtedly a surprise to Lan An and his party, ah, at the same time in the heart of Yang Haoxuan is already impressive! This Yang Haoxuan is not only deep, but also heard that he was a waste of broken elixir a few years ago, and now there is such a cultivation, which is not general. More importantly, he is so rich that people are surprised! Moments later, they were not polite either. They put all the elixirs into their own magic weapons. Lan An even took back the Heavenly Sword and made a rice transplanting ceremony, saying, "In that case, thank you, Elder Martial Brother Yang!" In the martial world,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, because they are all monks, and there are many sects of the right path, so the younger generation are all called by the theory of cultivation. Those who are highly cultivated are called Elder Martial Brother or Elder Martial Sister. Yang Haoxuan Xiuwei was much higher than them, at first they did not care, because they grew up in the martial arts world for many years, everything in the earthly world, there is a kind of feeling of contempt. But after Yang Haoxuan gave a gift, he completely reversed their ideas. Who says the cultivation of earthly people is low? Who says there is no magic weapon in the world? Slap you to death! Lan An got the sword to mend the sky, but also happy, eager to rush up to kiss Yang Haoxuan one,Iron Nail Making Machine, at the moment is also looking for how to repay Yang Haoxuan. It happened that Yang Haoxuan also had something to help him. He said, "Actually, Younger Martial Sister Lan An calls me Elder Martial Brother. Then I'm embarrassed to call you Younger Martial Sister. If you need to break through in seclusion, I can practice the five elements completely. I can make you practice faster according to your five elements. When you break through Emperor Wu, can I trouble you for one thing?" Lan An and his party heard Yang Haoxuan's words and felt even more cordial. Lan An hurriedly said, "What's the matter?" "Well, I'm going to make a living in the martial world now. I want to meet Yanya here. I wonder if I can go to Qingmeng Zhai with you?" Yang Haoxuan asked, after all, to go to Qingmengzhai, to enter the martial world, people and places are not familiar, and he also knows his temper, who offended, is not good. After all, he has already heard the strength of the ten doors of the right path, to say that he did not take into account, that is a fool! Lan An heard such a simple request, where not to agree to the truth, the heart is more admiration for this Yang Haoxuan is devoted to the elder sister Ya ah. Then, Yang Haoxuan and Lan An got to know each other one after another, Coil nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, and prepared to help her and the other two break through Emperor Wu first. The other two Qingmengzhai disciples, one called Lanbai, one called Landan, are first-class beauty, Lanbai dressed in white, very elegant, Landan is an alternative, a fiery red clothes, very hot, and Yang Haoxuan is also very enthusiastic. Subsequently, Yang Haoxuan directly used his magical powers to build a palace in the mountains behind the Yang family. In the palace, the aura is abundant, and ordinary people practice, which must be advancing by leaps and bounds. It is also very helpful for Lan An. On the other side, Yang Haoxuan also wandered between Tang Yurou and a line of women, telling them that they would soon go to the martial arts world, originally intended to get married, but Tang Yurou did not agree, thinking that it was too vulgar, practitioners, need not care about this, but do not know, she is not a practitioner at all! That night, Yang Haoxuan was reading in his room when he heard Tang Yurou calling him to go to his room. This makes him distracted, is it possible that Yu Rou is going to be with him? But when he pushed the door open, he was shocked. On the other side, the big swallow soon learned that at the moment the Yang family and live more than ten Wuling, all are numb, shocked, Yang Haoxuan sent treasure actually do not know how to spread out. Some people say that he is rich, some people say that he is not relying on the wealth of the demon clan? Envy and jealousy are there anyway! During this period of time, the Yang family has almost become the center of Dayan's discussion, and there are young monks who want to see what Yang Haoxuan looks like! Chapter 297 Tang Yurou matchmaking. Yang Haoxuan pushed open the door of Tang Yurou, but inside she saw Yunxue, who was undressing. At the moment, she turned her back to Yang Haoxuan, humming a tune, and did not notice anyone behind her. She first took off her coat, leaving only a white cloth bellyband on her chest and a pair of underpants below. Although she was a little short, the highlight of her figure was under the bellyband on her chest, and combined with other parts of her body, she had a lovely and sexy feeling. Suddenly, Yang Haoxuan woke up, hurriedly retreated, ready to leave quietly, but did not think, there is a pair of hands behind his waist, then came the voice of Tang Yurou: "If I want to marry you, must also want Yunxue to marry you, anyway, you have so many women, otherwise I feel sorry for Yunxue in my heart." With that, he pushed Yang Haoxuan into the room and immediately closed the door. Elder Martial Sister, you've been in the toilet for a long time. Cloud snow heard the voice, naturally looked back, thought it was Tang Yurou, who knows it is to see Yang Haoxuan, the words immediately stopped, then look at her appearance, as if there is a shouting appearance. Yang Haoxuan suddenly big head, dark blame this Tang Yurou is really enough nonsense,wire nail making machine, the appearance looks like a very connotative woman ah, did not expect to let him go after other girls at the moment. Women, how complicated!. 3shardware.com


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