Blood angel of the other world

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Namely, the voice of small ash resounds in the bottom of Li Tian's heart: "Master, it is an instant rain …" Li Tian breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he had met another master. The whirring sound stopped for a moment, then sounded again, and the instant rain spread two black wings and flew out of the gate. What are you doing here? Instantaneous rain asked, just as he felt someone outside the city, he stopped, and then knew that it was Li Tian riding a small ash, and flew out again. I came to deal with a small fly. Why did you come out in the middle of the night? "I came out to practice." Rain said, falling in front of Li Tian, folding his wings. Look at him freely, Li Tian is very envious, although there is a four-winged blood angel in his body, but that is actually another person ah. By the way, are you a fallen angel? Li Tian asked, wondering if the rain was the same as himself. Yes The answer of the instant rain is very short. Oh- "Li Tian thought of Yueyang again.". I don't know what happened to her. That time she seemed to have white wings directly from behind. Is she an angel. Only. How did the angel come to this earth in the form of a mortal? "If it's all right," said the rain. I'll practice. The sky waved its hand. Go ahead. I'll go back first. Back to the Civilian Academy. It was quiet all around. Everyone fell asleep. He pushed at the door of the instant rain. The door was firmly shut. I don't know where he came from. After entering the room, although it was already very late, Li Tian still practiced for an hour or two before going to bed. Now, he has changed the order of practice. First absorb the magic elements,carnosic acid price, and then practice the nameless magic. When he practiced the nameless magic, he lay on his back on the bed with his hands at his sides. Then the body relaxes the mind as much as possible and begins to guide the internal force in the body to impact the meridians on the arm. About an hour or so, he will unconsciously fall asleep, and the internal force in his body will slowly operate on its own. In this way, the effect of practice will be better, and the next morning, it is also in high spirits. Even if you sleep late at night, you only need to practice like this to recover completely. Wow,lycopene for skin, cool. The next morning, Li Tian opened his eyes, and it was already white outside. After getting up and washing and going out for breakfast, Li Tian went to Wangjia College. Now Li Tian is a big celebrity, and almost all the students of Wang Jia College know him. In the first World War yesterday, Borui, who was also a swordsman, was directly abolished by him. The news had already spread throughout the college, and many students were timid when they saw Li Tian. Seeing his pale face, he didn't look like a ruthless man. Moreover, last night, many students saw what happened in Longdu City with their own eyes. At that time, Obama and the three of them made a big fuss about Chengwei Mansion and beat the 10,000 heavy cavalry who came to suppress it to pieces. All this is said to be caused by the conflict between Li Tian and the son of Prince Rui. It is also said that the son of Prince Rui was killed by Li Tian, naringenin price ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, and finally the king came forward to settle the dispute. And the fact that it appeared unharmed early this morning seems to confirm this point. That's awesome. "Yes, it's too cruel." "Even Prince Rui's son was killed." Along the way, someone looked at Li Tian and muttered. As soon as he saw Li Tian looking over, he turned pale and walked away. Seeing their frightened eyes, God was depressed. "It's a good man." After waiting for a while, Li Qing came over, carrying the sword on his back, his body straight, and the whole person was like a sword out of its sheath. Brother Cohen. Seeing Li Tian, Li Qing stepped forward quickly and asked worriedly, "Were you all right last night?" Everyone is worried about you! "I'm fine, and I got some benefits." Li Tian smiled and felt a warmth. He knew that Li Qing was referring to his family. After seeing Li Qing a few times, Li Qing was completely relieved. You come with me. Li Tiandao took Li Qing to the rockery of the college, where he often stayed when he skipped classes, and there were fewer people coming and going. Seeing that Li Tianshen was mysterious, Li Qing was very confused, but refrained from asking. This is for you. Li Tian took out Hill's ring. This Is this a space ring? Li Qing asked with a shocked face. "Yes, you put a drop of blood on it and give me everything inside." "All right." Li Qing was so excited that his face showed a blush. He took out his sword and brushed it across his wrist, making a cut more than an inch long. A touch of blood quickly flowed down. Li Tian Leng, this is too exaggerated, just need a drop of blood. He quickly took out Addison's powder from the space ring and sprinkled it on Li Qing's wound. I I'm so excited. Li Qing said, wiping a drop of blood on the ring, and it sent out a faint ray of light into his finger. Then Li Qing felt that there were about four or five cubic spaces in the ring, a sword in it, and some miscellaneous things. He didn't look at it carefully, and all the things inside were in the sky. I don't need this sword either. You can keep it. Li Tian said, Hill used the sword to Li Qing, "this is used by Kensei, although not necessarily better than yours, but it should not be worse." Li Qing's body trembled. "Did Kensei use it?" "Uh.." Li Tian is stupefied, rely on, spilled the beans, hurriedly way: "Should be right, specific I also do not know." "Oh.." Confused, Li Qing asked softly, "Brother, where did you get this ring?" "This.." Don't be too much. Anyway, it's absolutely no problem to come here. Li Tian forehead can not help oozing sweat, this is really hard to explain how to come. Did you tell him that I got it after I killed a Kensei? However, Li Qing did not ask again, but reached out to touch the ring, his face also showed a few surprises. Well, you'd better not use this ring in front of others. No one has a greedy heart, which is not good for you. Li Tian exhorted, Li Qing is not like himself, as long as the strength is a little stronger, to reach the level of swordsman,jujube seed powder, can kill him and take away the space ring. Li Qing nodded, "brother, I know." I'm going to look for Nangong Yue.


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