Waiting for the Golden Year of Rebirth _ Pai Pai Novels

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By the way, I live next door to Liang Xiao's family, and even the room is facing each other. Liang Xiao and I are going to build a bridge in the middle, so it's interesting to have a tryst. This community is newly built, and the environment is very good. Of course, there are still soldiers standing guard in and out. I always go to Grandma Shen's house across the street to eat fresh fruit these two days. The fruit in our house is definitely not as good as the fruit in Grandma Shen's house across the street. It's all sent directly from Zhongnanhai from the place of origin. It's so fresh that you can still see the dew. In the past two years, Grandpa Shen spent a lot of time at home. Grandma Shen also loved me very much. I looked at the photos taken by Shen Zijia last time when she came back from Grandma Shen. There was a big stack. Grandma said that I was a little heartless. It was rare for Zijia to come back. I went outside to play. I laughed twice and showed white teeth. I didn't have the nerve to say that I felt too black. Then I saw the picture of Shen Zijia, that figure is still so good, er, the face is not black, too much, this is really too much! Grandma Shen gave me a small box, saying that it was left to me by Shen Zijia. I brought it back and looked at it. It was a souvenir that Shen Zijia brought me after every mission. There was a dried flower in it, which I had never seen before. I wanted to cry. That flower was brought back by Shen Zijia when he killed people for the first time. He wanted to bring it to me when he came to see me last time, but he forgot it when he came. I looked at the seemingly ordinary things, but in fact,tube lip gloss, there was a story behind each one, a story that Shen Zijia might never tell me, but I knew that I had participated in every story. I'm always with him. I'm in his heart. He remembers me. It's the same everywhere. I secretly hid the box, not because I was stingy. If I took it out, I might make them feel distressed again. For such a little thing, I put my youth into it. I could wait outside, but I had to wait for many years. I would rather be with him,plastic packing tube, and I would accept the hail of bullets. Liang Xiao and I went through the streets and alleys carefully again. There were many new shops and more and more tastes, just like when I was a child, but there were two people missing. Fang Jin can not come back, the company's side of the matter is not to say that the handover can be handed over, which still needs some effort, but Xu Zhe is really here. Liang Xiao said that Xu Zhe worked as a clerk in a foreign trade company. I nodded and didn't ask anything. Liang Xiao wouldn't hide anything from me. She didn't think it was necessary to say anything, so I didn't force anything. In the last few days, I didn't go anywhere. I bought food every day to honor my parents at home. I did everything, big and small. My mother said that I didn't need to do it. Girls should be raised delicately and tenderly. Then the old lady herself was red-eyed. Where I'm going, there's danger. I know it, they know it. I was brought up by them like a flower, plastic laminted tube ,plastic laminated tube, but now I'm going to such a dangerous place anyway. They never said a harsh word about me. I smiled around the old lady's neck. Mom, your daughter is not charming at all, really. Where is the charm? You really spoil me too much. My father said that the girl was right, but she should have such a good daughter. The old lady has now completely retired to the second line. Her work is very easy. Now she belongs to the official wife family. She said that she thought she could enjoy a happy life in this way. She took her beautiful daughter out to present treasures every day. I said that was impossible. There was only one beautiful daughter. There were many wolves outside. I would cause a bloody storm when the time came. My mother touched my face happily. She used to be very beautiful, but now she is black and thin. She didn't raise me back. I laughed, that is, it costs money to eat at home. When we go to the army, we will eat back desperately, and then we will not spend money. The old lady packed my luggage for me. I looked at her and was a little scared. I asked the old lady if she could take so many things to the army? My mother rolled her eyes, dare! Let Grandpa Shen take you there, and I'll see who won't let you bring anything! I bared my teeth. My mother's official wife's airs are getting bigger and bigger now. But what my mother stuffed me with is really what I want to use. It should be nothing to bring more. It would be best if I could bring it in by connections. The day I really left, my face was really big. My father and Grandpa Shen came to see me off. Grandpa Shen sat in the car in a military uniform and smiled at me. My head hurt. My mother is really awesome, and she really invited Grandpa Shen. The people over there picked me up directly at the station. I thought it must be a helicopter. After doing it once, I was calm. The person who picked me up watched helplessly as I carried my luggage out of the trunk of the car. The corners of my mouth twitched suspiciously. I was happy. Grandpa Shen was there, and no one dared to touch me. We are senior cadres. We have a backstage supporter. Who is afraid of who? Shen Zijia, I'm coming! The next volume, open new, into the army ha, YY serious, dear friends get better, do not hit my eggs, or I will break more ha. [Volume] Text/Text Version/Handwritten Version, Female Soldier Report Do you think that when I sit on a helicopter and sleep in a daze, I will wake up with a handsome man holding me in his arms and saying, "Every year, I miss you so much," such a romantic story happened? Actually, that's what I thought, too, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry. When the helicopter landed and woke me up, I jumped down with a bag I carried with me. My heel was numb. Then I looked up. There were several military planes and civilian planes parked in a big airport. I thought that those civilian planes were used for cover. I actually want to ask which province is closer to this place, but I'm afraid of violating the rules of confidentiality, so I just shut up. The person who came to pick me up drove a very cool mountain jeep. When the car roared, I couldn't help trembling. I wondered if Shen Zijia was coming. After such an idea germinated, I looked forward to it very calmly. As a result, as I said at the beginning, the greater the expectation,empty lotion tubes, the greater the disappointment. The one who came was a leader. At the time of my selection, the guy who pretended to be deep beside me was called wrong. He was a captain at the level of Major General. He might be the boss of my future boss. He also gave me face, but he was not very hypocritical. emptycosmetictubes.com


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