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It's very touching, isn't it? Is this the kind of love you humans do? Voices of neither Yin nor Yang came from all directions. The dark space suddenly lit up. The light is from the front, it is a green halo, faint green, it is easy to give people the feeling of fear. The huge body emerged in the green, it is a huge crab, its body width is nearly 1000 meters, eight long legs open. If you look carefully, you will find that there are countless lines on its body, and these lines are actually the appearance of a person's face. Everyone has different emotions on his face, including anger, panic and resentment, but all of them show strong negative emotions. Two huge eyes at the top of the body,custom cosmetic packing, shining like two small green suns. Not far from both sides of the eyes, there is a huge gap in the huge body, which is the position of the crab's front turtle. Obviously, it was its body that exploded before. The Lord of the nether world, Zhou Weiqing finally saw the body of the Lord of the nether world. The big guy in front of him has evolved to the level of heaven change, and has the power of destruction that is diametrically opposed to the power of creation. The way you look is disgusting. Zhou Weiqing said with disdain. The Lord of the nether world was not angry because of his words. "You have come to my world. What's the use of your words?"? I didn't expect that my plan would be destroyed by such a small human being as you. Zhou Weiqing sneers,plastic cosmetic tubes, "don't scold you, do I still want to be kind to you?"? Will you let me go? The enchanting voice of the Lord of the nether world was filled with some charm. "Why won't I let you go?"? As long as you allow me to imprint the mark of destruction in your soul and help me break the seal, I will not only let you go, but also return to your human world, and you can become my spokesman in the human world. I can even promise you that I will leave you a piece of land so that you can live happily. Zhou Weiqing burst out laughing, "Hahahahaha, are you trying to coax a three-year-old child?"? It's not easy for us to seal you, and you expect me to let you out? And do you think that the mark of your destruction can be imprinted on my soul? My body is almost made up of holy power, so don't daydream. "Then your result will be nothing but destruction." The voice of the Lord of the nether world suddenly became cold. Senran killing machine, cosmetic plastic tube ,pump tube, unreservedly burst out, just like the wild waves, mercilessly impacted on Zhou Weiqing and Tianer. The rich white golden holy power shines on Zhou Weiqing, enveloping him and the sky. How to say that he has also felt the profound meaning of the level of heaven change, coupled with the integration of the origin of the Dragon Emperor, although he can not become the God of creation, but cultivation is also a step forward. Then come on. See if I can get a few more crab legs off you before you kill me. It seems that the Lord of the nether world is not in a hurry to attack Zhou Weiqing now, and in his huge dark green eyes, there is a strange brilliance. Zhou Weiqing, do you wonder why I brought you here instead of attacking you at the last moment of self-explosion? Aren't you surprised that I paid such a high price to invite you to my nether world? Zhou Weiqing moved in his heart, "what's wrong?"? Do you want to answer my questions? The Lord of the nether world let out a series of evil laughter. "Why not?"? Do you think that the seal of the nether world, which is completed by your holy power, can completely seal me in it and never go out again. Can't even have any contact with the outside world? As he spoke, the killing machine that had broken out before turned out to be slowly restrained. "Isn't that so?" Zhou Weiqing asked quietly? Youming, it's useless for you to play these tricks with me. I won't be fooled by you anyway. The Lord of the nether world snorted disdainfully, "trick?"? Do I need to play any more tricks with you? Your lives are under my control. I just want you to die in peace. To tell you the truth, yes, with you as the leader, with the holy power as the core to replace the original power of the Dragon Emperor to complete the seal of the nether world, I have no possibility of breaking through. Nor can they strengthen themselves by connecting with the outside world through cracks. This time, I was so traumatized that I didn't even have the ability to break the seal again. My cultivation has been greatly damaged, the loss of the former turtle, coupled with the consumption of the destruction of the source, now I am no longer even a real change in the level of heaven, but regressed to a slightly stronger strength than burning heaven. Listening to the words of the Lord of the nether world, Tianer's eyes could not help showing a trace of joy, but, contrary to her, Zhou Weiqing's eyes immediately became dignified. What does it mean to explode its own shortcomings? It means that although the Lord of the nether world has been weakened, he is still absolutely sure to deal with the two of him. This is what Zhou Weiqing first thought of. Moreover, the Lord of the nether world did not use words to lure them to break through the seal, but described his own situation,pump tube, and its mood is still so calm, can it be said that he has a way to deal with the seal? Is to use yourself and the weather? Zhou Weiqing studied with Muen at an early age, and his grasp of human nature and language is much stronger than that of Tianer.


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