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She buried her head in his arms and finally smiled with relief. He is her sky, if the sky falls, she does not know how to live, fortunately he will not go, fortunately. "When Hou Ye fell off the cliff, Duanmeng sealed the big hole in his body with spiritual power, so that his life would not be hurt, but the virtual spirit seal locked his memory at the same time, so that he forgot his life experience." Zhaoyang, accompanied by Xihuang, walked on the mulberry ridge of the green farmland and talked about Zhao Chen's situation,Time Delay Tap, "Duanmeng seal technique is unique, I may not be able to solve it, the eldest brother can.." "Will it hurt your body if you don't untie it?" Xihuang asked calmly, her skirt dragging through Sangzi, and the pearl ash flowing through like water. Zhaoyang stayed for a moment, just understand the meaning of Xihuang words, can not help but give birth to doubts, "spiritual power will fade over time, it is not a big obstacle to the body, but the longer the memory is sealed,Manual Flush Valve, it may be difficult to recover, you really want.." "Wouldn't it be better if I didn't remember?" She stopped and looked back, in the sunshine, crisscross paths, high and low scattered houses hidden in the green mountains, butterflies flying among the flowers, the wind blowing flowers silently. She did not know whether it was right or wrong to do so, or whether it was too selfish, but she did not want to see him in a dilemma between her and her sister. One is the former empress Dowager, one is the founding empress, no matter which side he stands on, he will tie a knot in his heart, which will never be resolved, he is so upright, almost exhausted for the Eastern Dynasty. Two people are silent, outside the village driving neatly lined up, waiting for their return, Xihuang boarded the car, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Prison toilet for sale, Zhaoyang removed the footstool when she heard the car came out of her indifferent voice, "when I am selfish, I do not want the last relatives do not forgive me." The curtain of the car was put down, the beads swayed the shuttle, and across the door, Zhaoyang could not see her look, but her heart sank a little, I do not know what it was like. Such a woman, so stubborn, so intelligent, finally still fettered in the word of love. Saw Zhao Chen, was a big wish, Xi Huang came back from the north and did not return to the imperial capital, but turned to the former imperial mausoleum. In the Eastern Dynasties, the imperial mausoleums were all built on the foothills of the mountains, with pines and cypresses planted in dozens of miles around. The magnificent and tall temple was built in front of the mountain, and a Shinto was built with Han jade, winding down from the front of the temple. The former Dynasty has become a passing cloud, but the soldiers stationed in the imperial mausoleum did not cut much, but all replaced by disciplined cavalry. Xihuang was blocked outside the Shinto, until Chu Huan arrived, according to the instrument to worship the big gift, the soldiers know that this woman is actually when the queen, immediately black pressure kneeling on the ground. The queen and the former queen mother are sisters, presumably the queen at the moment is to pick up the queen mother. No one did not secretly lament that the grace of the Zhao sisters was rare in the world. I'm afraid there is no woman who can compare with the two sisters. Does my sister still not want to see me? Xi Huang smiled low, meaning lonely, in fact, she had expected such a result before she came. She could not forgive her betrayal, nor did she want to return to the palace and recall the joys and sorrows of the former Dynasty under the familiar palace bridge corridor, so she preferred to stay in the remote imperial mausoleum and not let her future years be spent in disputes with her. The queen just doesn't know how to face your Highness. Chu Huan stood with his sword in his hand, bowed his head, and spoke in a m submission of the queen mother of the Northern Di to the emperor of the Celestial Dynasty, but also the submission of the former princess to the new emperor. Ye Zhen Zhen Bian rendered meritorious service and was granted the title of king, becoming the first king with a different surname since the founding of the country. More than half of the military power in the country is in his hands, and when the situation is turbulent, he can accompany Feng Yun to open up territory and drive back foreign aggression. But in times of peace and prosperity, the military power in his hands was like a sword hanging on the throne, and he did not know when it would fall. At the end of the Eastern Dynasty, the political situation was turbulent and chaotic, and it was difficult to meet stability for more than ten years. It was not easy for the new Dynasty to be established. The new emperor was diligent in governing the country and treated the old clan of the former Dynasty kindly. At the same time,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, he did not neglect the gentry. All the ministers in the court had a good reputation for the emperor. The common people in the opposition praised the new emperor as the son of Phoenix, who would benefit all the people. On the wedding day of the new emperor, the omen of the nine-headed phoenix was vividly handed down. cnkexin.com


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