Battle of the dead wife

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The undertaker sighed and said, "What I exchanged in the space of the main God was the blood of the sorcery clan. At that time, my blood was awakened, and I had a kind of ability called transformation.". It's a bit of a chicken rib, because although I can inherit half of my attack power, my defense power is only one tenth. Even if the sorcery blood makes my defense not low, this kind of doppelganger is of limited use in high-level battles. Therefore, I have never used it in front of you. I have always used this ability to find out information, because the doppelganger is not exactly the same as me, on the contrary, I can pinch out doppelgangers of different genders, looks, ages, and even soul breath and power attributes. It is very suitable for information.] Hearing this, Guan Guan and others understood what she meant. [You're not..] Blood Shadow hemmed and hawed. The Undertaker nods. [I want to bet that if I can retain the ability to incarnate after reincarnation, then I will become a nightmare for my enemies and a powerful amplifier for you in the future.] [Also … …] She smiled and said, "I don't intend to become a virgin at that time. After all, a virgin has the identity of a spirit, but I don't.". So, the snow thousand people is a very good choice, I think, even in the high plane,Time Delay Faucet, with the snow thousand people the same size of the race should be very few? What's more, the snow thousand race is unique, unlike the human race everywhere. Half-blood sons of God are not as attractive as pure-blood sons of God. Hearing this, Guan Guan could not help but look depressed, if she had known there was such a thing as virginity, she would not have chosen to be reincarnated into a human being. Come on, I'm afraid not only the undertaker, but also the soul-sucking woman will probably exclude human beings from their own reincarnation options. What a pity. She couldn't help feeling sorry. Chapter 231 accidents. Are you sure that the ability to transmute thousands is useful for the talent of snow thousands? What if it doesn't work?] The Lich couldn't help saying. [So I say bet once.] "After all,Self-closing Shower Valve," said the mourner lightly. The payoff for success is too high.] The crowd was silent. For a long time, the blood demon opened his mouth and said, "Do you have any props that can increase your luck?" Of course No. There is no such thing in the space of the Lord God, but. Guan Guan's eyes lit up and he said, "You can find a gold ingot for this. He is a wishing tree, a wishing tree that can satisfy people's wishes." The beast frowned. [Lingbao, like the wishing tree, should also abide by the law of conservation of energy, right?] Then give him a good patch first. Guan Guan made the final decision. Gold ingot needs nothing more than energy, big deal she took a few Lingshi mine to supply him! Turning back, Guan Guan told Fan Du about the funeral master's decision, but he opened his mouth and said, "It's better to say hello to Xueqian about this." Guan Guan was stunned. "Can she agree?" He asked hesitantly. She thought of such benefits, Xueqian is Lingbao, the body or snow mountain, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, but also the creator of Xueqian clan. Such an existence is the best refuge for the mourner after reincarnation. I'm sure she'll agree. Fan Du firmly said: "Even for the sake of the Snow Thousand Clan, she will not refuse a strong man to be born in the Snow Thousand Clan." Guan Guan thought so. When they found Xueqian to explain the purpose of her visit, she agreed without hesitation. Can I help you? Xueqian opened his mouth and said, "Shall I help you call all the pregnant women in the Xueqian clan?" Guan Guan shook his head hurriedly, "No, no, reincarnation also needs induction, not any fetus at will, and I have to make some preparations." Xue Qian nodded, "you can come to me when you need it." After returning, Guan Guan threw a lot of Lingshi to yuanbao, and then began to prepare to help the undertaker purify his soul. Because of the experience of the panther, Guan Guan is familiar with the purification of the soul this time, and easily stripped out a huge gray shadow of a human snake tail from the soul of the undertaker. Not surprisingly, the Undertaker's Lich bloodline is also resentful. However, all eyes fell on the undertaker himself. [Undertaker, you..] The soul-sucking woman looked at the undertaker in amazement. [You look like this!] An old woman, no matter how beautiful she is when she is young, is nothing to see. But Accustomed to the quiet, ferocious old lady, they could not accept such a mourner in front of them. The mourner should be very beautiful when he is young, even if he is old and his face is covered with wrinkles, but he can see one or two things from his facial features and contours. What is amazing is her temperament, the kind of harmless and amiable, easy to trust. It's really unexpected. Facing the surprise of the crowd, the undertaker smiled and said, "I was a famous psychologist in China before my death." With that, she nodded gently to Fan Du, and then the next moment, she appeared on the Pengdu Yuyu tree. After the soul of the undertaker was purified, Guan Guan began to look for a suitable reincarnation host for her in the city. However It didn't go so well. Snow thousand people are too few, pregnant women are counted, until the funeral master's soul recuperation is almost the same, also did not find a suitable host. On this day, Guan Guan and Fan Du went to the snow mountain to look for Xueqian. They were really bored. Although the technology level of Xueqian clan was not low, there were many interesting places, but because of the size problem, they could not enjoy it at all. Well, boring people are only about customs. What are you.. Guan Guan was surprised to see Xueqian making a snowman. Seeing them, Xueqian smiled and said, "I remember Senyu taught me to make a snowman before, but after only two times, he was not willing to make it, because I made it much better than him." With these words, the snow under her hands piled up like a beautiful little girl as if she had been directed. Who's this Guan Guan said curiously. Xueqian looked at the little girl and said with a smile, "When Senyu was here, he said that if I had a daughter with him, it would be very beautiful,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and then he forced me to have a'daughter 'of ours." Close close smell speech almost lying trough, your chat topic to this point, actually thought that the two sides are just pure friendship.


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