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She hadn't read Ah Yun's letter carefully yet She had written ten pieces of paper altogether It's probably about some trivial things in life What happened in April For example the family of Alodin wanted to be cheap and gave less betrothal gifts so they asked Master Tao to point at his forehead and scold him for half a day When Tao Lixuan returned home he devoted himself to learning and only made a wish to take the Jinshi examination in the future Tao Lixuan knew about Arlo but he didn't want his sister to marry such a family so he went to the door to find Sun Xiucai and threatened to go to the Yamen to sue him If he didn't want to he would secretly return the marriage and give him a sum of money to get out of Shi An That Sun Xiang should not at first his old mother also that broom to drive Tao Lixuan out the mouth also said that that is their Tao family daughter does not have the woman way Sun Xiang that is relieving her! But when Sun Xiang saw that Tao Lixuan had taken out the official document he was also afraid He admitted that he was going to be the Number One Scholar in the Jinshi Examination If he was given this title his future would be ruined! Only then did he promise to let the woman's family return the marriage Unexpectedly Arlo did not know where to learn about this matter and from then on he went on a hunger strike crying and making trouble He said that he would not marry Tao Lixuan saw her so stubborn naturally also love sister had to let go no longer Yun said sarcastically in the letter "I thought she had already fallen into the Health & Medical pit and couldn't get out but I didn't think there was a brother who was willing to help her" But she was so foolish that she didn't want to come out and see the world outside She thought she had got a big advantage and everyone else hated her! The meaning elder sister son also only secretly sighed and picked up the pen to a Yun back a letter in the past and then put these days to write into the letter take the lacquer to seal the mouth to ask people to send back When Jinzhu saw that she had finished her work she asked aloud "Sister where should I put the white jade crown" Remembering the white jade crown that Zhang Yi had given her she opened the wooden box and gently picked up the crown She thought about it and asked Yinbao to spread her hair She wanted to try The white and glittering jade sets off the beautiful and delicate face the autumn water horizontal wave the language smiles looks like a little fairy However there seemed to be something wrong with the crown so she quickly took it off again tried it with her white hand and unexpectedly pulled out a letter One side of the gold bead and silver treasure look at each other are the corners of the mouth with a smile see meaning sister squint to see and busy bow to fill two wooden people When I opened the letter the first thing I saw was the strong and powerful words which were peaceful and implicit with some edges and corners Look they are all plain daily life and they also wrote some things about scenery mountains and rivers climbing high and looking far and winding water flowing Sister Yi looked at it but was fascinated She had never stepped out of one mu of land in the back house Naturally she had never experienced it But the man's words were interesting and brilliant but they made her feel as if she had touched the warm and beautiful water with her own hands and seen the magnificent mountains Zhang Yi mentioned the white jade crown again and he only said that it was only the beauty who won the first prize at the Flower Festival in Qingzhou China Factory But he felt that the beauty was so different from his little girl that he could not match her so he made a white jade crown in imitation of the crown of the goddess of flowers Sister Yi saw the smile in her eyes but she couldn't stop it The sweet taste in her heart made her a little flustered and at a loss Sister Yi bit her lip and hid the white jade crown and gold beads in her dressing If she looked again her heart would be confused Without further ado In the past few days Yulai came to the small island of Princess Chang but she was very attentive Almost when the ladies were about to leave she would come to the small island to talk to Princess Chang According to her idea catch the thief first catch the king! It's the same when you get to the back house! In her last life when she will grow up in the future the princess has been ill almost gone but today is different! The long princess is still alive there in the back of the house in a stable position of the leader! If you don't please her please who Besides she is the granddaughter of the eldest princess Look at the situation the first sister is not a person! Such a good condition has been ruined in her hands! It is unique to play a good hand so badly On this day Yu asked Danqing to buy some charcoal pens on the market today saying that he wanted to paint "Do you paint with this sister" Asked Dan Qingqi That's all the usage from the other end of Guangzhou! Now I only use it occasionally when I cut out clothes How can such paintings compare with our ink and wash paintings The long princess may not Gifts & Crafts like it There are people from the other side of the sea who have tried it but how can the scholars in the Middle Earth feel that this is something on the table No more fun than a little thing that doesn't come up on the stage! This Dan Qing did not dare to say jade already bought is interested how dare she go to spoil the fun The jade is confident in the heart the face also brings out a few minutes on the mouth however "Hey!"! My ink painting has reached a great level and there is no room for improvement in this level so I want to try to see the painting method of the people on the other side of the sea which may make me understand When Dan Qing heard this she was so impressed that she could not help nodding her head and saying "Sister you are a talented woman!"! I see that even the elder sister and the cousin who are known for their talents may not be able to compare with you "No no" Yu said modestly "It's just a little trick" In modern times her grandfather painted traditional Chinese paintings Grandpa often said that she was superficial and refused to work hard After she came here she felt that what Grandpa said was wrong! How can the ancients be more advanced than these modern people These skills are enough for her to get a foothold in the boudoir The next day Yu went to Xiaozhou with the simple sketch tools she had prepared Long princess saw her is not strange this child is always running to her recently is it difficult to get married That's not what one of her sisters in the boudoir can say No matter how hard it is the third daughter-in-law has to mention it before she can open her mouth Thinking of this the long princess looked at the jade's eyes and became cold Jade today is very beautiful and delicate a little bit strange but generally still beautiful a red butterfly skirt of Chinese flowering crabapple outlines the slender waist undoubtedly with a magnolia-shaped flower in the middle of the forehead surrounded by smaller flowers and a unique hairpin on the black cloud sideburns with little tassels hanging below which is very eye-catching trade-global.com


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