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The identity card is connected with the city core of the Devil's Horn and the city core of the Apostle City is engraved with a large law array which has a mysterious connection with the law aggregate of the broken stars It can make the apostolic currency such as broken crystal and exchange certificate circulate in the apostolic city As for the city points issued by another apostolic city they can only be exchanged for equivalent apostolic currency according to market rules and the circulation scope is limited to the apostolic city the city management race and the affiliated race Of course there are also a small number of points that can be redeemed in other friendly apostolic cities When Didi took over his identity card again he just checked it and opened his mouth into an O shape The green eyes which had been extremely large occupied most of the face this time just like cartoon characters Master are these all for me A glittering saliva hung slowly from Didi's mouth and Brin the little brother lost his good baby's disguise and looked at his identity card with big eyes Of course not! Qin Lun grumpily gave it a chestnut he gave Didi's identity card to cross out a full 30000 points of broken crystal 1000 exchange coupons almost all the currency in circulation Next you stare at the auction and if there are special goods with good quality and low price you can buy them for Sports & Entertainment me Without suitable goods these currencies will be bought and sold by you and the profits will belong to you! Qin Lun said with a smile "but if you lose there will be no next time!" "Master don't worry Didi knows how to do it!" Didi straightened up her bony little chest showing a kind of martyr spirit but after turning her big eyes she looked up and asked weakly "Master is there any standard for special goods with good quality and low price" "Everything is up to you and your opinion is the standard!" Qin Lun smiled meaningfully Qin Lun in this alien mission in addition to the Knight's Iron Cross a skill scroll a skill scroll the base did not get any equipment items As for the other three small balls of light in the storage space that were not yet clear he had already guessed what they would be Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross can not be used to exchange for sale the remaining 36000 more broken crystal and exchange volume minus the cost of supplementary items to restore I am afraid even a purple equipment can not afford it is better to give Didi to toss about No apostle is now as familiar with the price of the Devil's Horn as Didi and no other apostle is likely to have a working capital of tens of thousands of broken crystals Let's see if Didi can give him a surprise before he goes on his next mission Although Didi doesn't quite understand the intrinsic value of the Apostle's equipment this little guy is very sensitive to the market price In addition through the exemption card deal Qin Lun has realized that in his weak stage it is not a good thing to personally participate in the transaction negotiations Not to take advantage of others is not willing to take advantage of too much but will attract hatred China Manufacturers In this respect Didi is much more suitable than Qin Lun As for whether he can get a surprise it depends on his luck and whether the surprise is suitable for Qin Lun Leaving the cheerful little guy behind Qin Lun went back to his room He poured himself a glass of wine and shook his glass into deep thought Chapter 43 inventory "Master do you want to eat" Suddenly there was a glimmer of light in the dark room and Didi's little head squeezed through the crack of the door No need! The marble statue-like figure by the window turned slightly sideways and said in a low tone Oh With a response Didi breathed a sigh of relief and closed the door Qin Lun has been in the room for a whole day although in the past from the return of the other world the host will sleep for most of the day but this time it let Didi feel strange With that room as the center it seems to have become a tomb and the whole villa is filled with a dead atmosphere Click! As the door closed again Qin Lun put down the wine glass in his hand and suddenly opened the curtain The soft yellow light outside the window came through and even if there was no sun you could still see the sunset in the evening Qin Lun sat on the chair by the window lowered his head to his forehead and shook his head with a wry smile He is good at psychoanalysis and the whole day's thinking is enough for him to take a look at himself Qin Lun has been in the broken starry sky for nearly two Office & School Supplies months and has spent several months in the other world During this time he had more dealings with other people than in the previous twenty years combined Although he has given Joey some exciting and strong emotions the subtle changes can not be ruled out one by one Social group life is penetrating into his heart like poison gradually corroding his psychological dam Unlike Grant the Clown and Hill the Shepherd those killers have been accustomed to keeping color in the big dye vat of society and he has been living in confinement but at this time it is as difficult as a blank sheet of paper to resist the attack of dye His profound knowledge enabled Qin Lun to distinguish what was good for him and what would hurt him However even if it is beneficial to his emotions he also lacks the ability to accept and will always make the wrong response unconsciously Joey if we want to survive we have to join a team later! Qin Lun closed his eyes and muttered "You're right people like us can't bear too many emotions integrate into the ordinary team be affected by many emotions but are more likely to get lost than ordinary people the final outcome is bound to be death!" "Those prisoners are the best team candidates and I believe they will gradually realize this!" Qin Lun suddenly opened his eyes pupils flashed a glimmer of light "We do not have to find a team there are a few more task worlds prisoners will inevitably take the killer as the core to form a ready-made team!" "However in such a team even we need a trusted helper!" Qin Lun's eyes flashed from the storage space out of a spherical object looking at the surface flashing colorful light of the Maiya crystal ball Qin Lun covered his face and whispered "Frank as if" It seems like a long time has passed 。


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