Stir up the fire

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But now that he had tasted her, he was never going to let go. Du Qiao, in the eyes of those people, you are jade, I am the rotten stone in the field. But one day, I will tell them that you don't regret looking for me! A nun on the outside but actually a sweet college teacher on the inside. I've been staring at you for a long time. I'm going to work hard for you. A rough construction worker. Be ambitious and try to be sweet. Day watch, ten o'clock in the morning, second watch depends on fate. Content tag: Urban love made in heaven sweet article Search keywords: Protagonists: Du Qiao, Qin Lei Supporting roles: yuan Jiawei, Du Rong, Wu Xiumei, Luo Anni, etc. Others: 1. No Chapter 1 Fire-stirring Wen/Masquerade Feast 01 It was hot in June, and the sun was scorching the earth like a big fireball. On the construction road, a wall more than 100 meters long completely isolates the construction site from the sight of passers-by. Although a city is a provincial capital, it is also an old city. With the rapid development of urban economy, urban construction can not keep up with the result that construction sites like this are like dogskin plasters scattered all over the city. In fact, Du Qiao is not willing to take this road, which has been under construction for more than half a year. It is dusty in sunny days and muddy in rainy days. All kinds of engineering vehicles come in and out, and the road surface is not very smooth. Nearby residents will take a detour, only those who can't get around,Inflatable water obstacle course, or those who are greedy for shortcuts, will go this way. However, Du Qiao occupied two places, and the residential area where she lived was not far from the construction site. It may only take ten minutes to walk from this road, but it will take more than twenty minutes if you take a detour. If the weather is not hot, she would rather endure it. Anyway, it will be here soon. With the screech of brakes, a bright yellow Beetle stopped in front of her. At that time,inflatable amusement park, Du Qiao was wiping the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief. Unprepared, the car almost rubbed her to a stop, thanks to her hiding in time, was not scratched. But he staggered several steps before he stood firm, and his handkerchief fell to the ground, covered with sand. Dirty! Du Qiao frowned at it. This scene made Roanne, who stepped out of the car, more sarcastic on her face, and her eyes, painted with brown eye shadow, slanted with a sarcastic taste. I thought you would be very interesting, but I didn't think you were a stalker! Unlike Du Qiao, who wore a regular skirt, Roanne wore a very cool dress. Silver-blue suspenders, low-waisted fringed denim shorts, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable outdoor park, and ten-centimeter stiletto sandals. She had short hair, but it was curly, her hair was highlighted with a few strands of purple, and her sunglasses were pushed on her forehead, revealing a small white face with makeup. Fashionable and delicate without losing youthful vitality, the most important thing is that she has a good figure, long white legs, small waist looming, enough to make many men crazy. Du Qiao is not a man, she can not appreciate this kind of woman. She was surprised that yuan Jiawei's eyes would take a fancy to such a girl. Du Qiao has seen Luo Annie before, in the picture. The photo was sent by Luo Annie to Du Qiao, and the main characters on it are her and yuan Jiawei. yuan Jiawei is Du Qiao's husband, and they have been married for more than three years. Why don't you speak? Can't you live without Jia Wei? You knew he wasn't interested in you, and you would have married you so that your father could keep him in school. Why did you still cling to him? Du Qiao lived for thirty years and never thought that one day he would face such a situation. For yuan Jiawei's derailment, she chose the most rational way to move out of the three-bedroom house and live in her single apartment before marriage. It was to give herself time to sort it out, and she was very busy recently and had no time to deal with it. It never occurred to me that this girl named Roanne would come over on her own initiative. Still in a place like this.. Du Qiao looked around. It was one o'clock in the afternoon, the sun was hot, and the sandy ground was hot enough to bake an egg. On the left side of the road is a row of simple and low facade rooms, mostly snack bars, with long tables and umbrellas in front of the doors, where many people dressed as construction workers are sitting in small groups drinking and eating. There is a long iron fence on the right, and inside is the construction site. Do I know you? After trying to leave without success, Du Qiao asked patiently. Hearing Du Qiao say that she didn't know herself, Roanne's face flashed a touch of consternation, which soon turned into sarcasm. Don't you know me? We added wechat before, and I sent you pictures. Roanne doesn't mind reminding the other party about things that will embarrass the other party, but it's not him who loses face anyway. Have we added wechat? Du Qiao reached out to block the sun and found that it was useless. She forgot to bring a sunshade when she went out today, so she could only talk to each other in the sun. I only remember that some time ago, I added a parent who wanted to consult the piano course, but he was a neuropathy who said a lot of nonsense and sent obscene/obscene/pornographic pictures, so I blacklisted him. Luo Annie glared at Du Qiao fiercely, and her face suddenly turned black. Obviously the weather is hot, but Du Qiao is wearing a black skirt, inside is a white shirt with a standing collar, skirt under the knee. She wore transparent stockings and half-heeled black leather shoes with double round toes. Her hair was all combed up behind her head, she wore black-framed glasses, and she looked serious and stuffy. Such an ugly, old woman, to say that about her! Yes, Du Qiao is talking about Annie Luo. When Annie Luo got Du Qiao's phone number from yuan Jiawei's mobile phone, she added Du Qiao's WeChat through her mobile phone number. Because Du Qiao has not been passed, she pretended to be a parent who wanted to consult the piano course, and succeeded in adding the other party. Luo Annie not only told Du Qiao about herself and yuan Jiawei, but also sent her intimate photos of the two, just to let Du Qiao know the interesting point to give up the position, but did not expect to be misinterpreted like this. Neuropathy? Obscene/obscene pornographic pictures? "You old woman, ugly woman,large inflatable water slide, I think you're toasting and not eating!" Luo Anni raised her eyebrows and raised her hand, but she was going to start with a word of disagreement. As early as the beginning of the dispute here, a group of people looked over.


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