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As the patriarch of the highest Council of the Nishachuoka clan, Frith has always been rather conceited, but the King of Sissy has long been so fierce that she really has some scruples. The first evil man under the Lord God! Smash the God of fate! Plus moody, said to fall out immediately hit people's temper! No one, I'm afraid, does not want to encounter this kind of devil! "I can't believe that the King of Sixi has such a style of doing things, but it should also be considered straightforward, unrestrained, and." Be open and aboveboard! The introduction of Frith, coupled with the soul memory of the undead demon Duckfarn, also made Nirak sigh. In Duckfarne's memory, the king of Sich is the pronoun of "truth, goodness and beauty". True, the king of Sich never speaks empty words. What he likes most is to replace words with actions! Good, the devil's good is unbridled! Beauty, Abba, the only aesthetics of purgatory is violence! In the soul of Duckfarne, besides worshipping the King of Sich, he still worships him, so that in the long-standing impression of Nylak, the image of the King of Sich is also an "open and aboveboard" and extremely powerful demon king. Lord Anya,Micro Gear Motor, it's over here. Let's leave first. In the distant sky, there were already red clouds, and the snow that had not melted all the year round on the Arreat Plateau seemed to be beginning to evaporate. Cletia did not greet Adriano in the distance, but looked at Anya on one side. After saying hello, she spread her wings and flew directly to the apostles. Your Majesty, are we leaving like this? I haven't seen the Temple of Power yet, and the King of Sich hasn't returned yet. The confidant is almost dead, but there is no harvest,Small Dc Gear Motor, and some apostles are unwilling. If you want to stay and die, I can throw you down right now. Under the protection of the divine power of the three of Nilak, Cletia, who had recovered most of her strength, threw out a gray mist, rolled everyone up together, and quickly flew to the sky. As Frith said, she had finished the oracle of the keeper, and there was no need to risk staying here, and. The harvest of her trip is rich enough! ………………………… "I didn't expect them to leave so soon." As soon as Cletia left, Anya flew to Adriano and saw that the demon was activating the power of the magma in the earth's crust to activate the power of the purgatory corridor. She also waved her wings to help the undead demon with the power of purgatory inherited from her blood. Arreat Peak has completely collapsed, and directly below Adriano is a huge bottomless cave. The whole body was blazing red, and the two big hands of the demon of purgatory clawed at the depths of the giant cave, and the invisible force spread out, almost stagnating the air. This is their interest! After listening to Anya's words, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,12v High Torque Motor, Adriano snorted, but his face changed when he thought of the previous violent state of the banshee of Hades. He added, "Queen Cletia is really a little strange. She can monopolize the favor of so many gods, and even the will of the beast God can be obliterated.." With this power, even if she is put into the demon world, she is qualified to monopolize a field! "She is an apostle of the underworld, her father is the immortal emperor Tagor, and her husband is Nilak, who once destroyed Gamil. It's surprising, but it's not too far away to have such power." The purple light kept flowing, and Anya shook her head and chuckled as she concentrated on the power of the magma. She meant no harm to Cletia. Nilak? It was only Gamil without the Sword of Light who was destroyed! Adriano snorted from the bottom of his heart. Gamil was as famous as the King of Sich. Although the devil of purgatory was shocked by the rumor that Nilak had destroyed him, he also had a trace of disdain. Namil is only known for the sword of light, and the source of immortality, if the encounter with the great king of Sihi, whether it is Nirak, or Tagor, or Cletia, I think it is a melting pot to end things! "Give me a lift!" Two people join hands, the speed of purgatory cloister to absorb the power of magma suddenly increased, distant perception of the surge below, at any time will erupt from the violent force, Adriano suddenly body a coagulation, a shout, unparalleled overbearing purgatory power in an instant completely inspired. Boom! Within a radius of hundreds of miles, the earth trembled violently. From the crust, the magma burst up and sprayed directly to the height of hundreds of meters. The red magma, the red fire clouds and the endless high temperature made the snow collapse rapidly. Countless barbarian tribes disappeared in an instant. The whole Arreat Plateau was crying! In the billowing magma, there was another red light rising into the sky, a violent roar, and the terrible breath that only the abyss of purgatory could have, suddenly burst out! "It's finally done!" Red light through the body, feeling the most familiar breath inside, Adriano's ferocious face, a heartfelt smile appeared. Wang is finally coming back! It's finally time to go back! As if sensing the urgency in the devil's heart, two red lights of the same breath came from the extreme west and south at the same time. Three red lights gathered in the sky, rumbled, the earth cracked again, and a huge passage rose slowly. The outer wall of this passage seems to be transformed by the power of time and space, where the space is stirred up, while the inner wall is a burning purgatory fire, in which only life with pure purgatory lineage can survive. Lord Adriano! There are still a few demons alive in the tunnel, and the fire of purgatory is regenerating, and they are devouring the firepower hungrily. But after perceiving the breath above, these demons stopped and recovered their strength, and came up one after another to pay their respects. Adriano was one of the generals under the king of Sich, and it was he who led the people to guard the purgatory cloister that day, and these demons were all his direct subordinates! "Wait for my king to return!" With a heavy slap on the few remaining demons, the excitement on Adriano's face was hard to hide. The passage slowly rose into the air and stopped at the intersection of the red lights. Without more time,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, from the extreme west and south, along the other two red lights, there were also two similar passages flying slowly.


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