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"Thank you," I happily took Ding Dang, holding the hot cup and sipping, temporarily ignoring his bad idiocy just now, burning me with such a hot thing will accelerate the aging of the skin! This guy with no knowledge. No, I don't want to carry you back later. He answered with the customary ill-mannered reply. I laughed at him, not angry at all, as long as there is hot milk to drink, it doesn't matter to listen to a few more nagging, anyway, I have been used to it. It's really in line with your personality that you want to drink something hot in summer! He sat down in front of the desk, put his arms on the back of the chair and looked at me, curled his lips and sighed. What personality? The stomach slowly warmed up, the blood on the body could not wait to absorb the heat, the speed of the brain began to decline rapidly, I did not realize the bad smile on his mouth, silly asked him,micro gear motor, especially consciously into his ambush. Non-human! He smiled like a wolf grandmother. Oh. I nodded dully, bowed my head and continued to drink milk. In this case, even if I heard clearly, I had to pretend not to hear. I took advantage of the opportunity to comment on the cup in my hand, "This cup is so childish that you can buy it?" "Hum," he glanced at me and opened his mouth coldly. "That's your birthday gift to yuan Ze. Have you forgotten?" "Is it?" I looked at it carefully,Gear Reduction Motor, but I still couldn't remember that I had ever sent such a childish thing to others. yuan Ze thought it was childish and refused to take it. You threatened him not to teach him kung fu any more, so he got it back. He sneered. "I nodded, which was very much my style." How did that come to you? He refused to answer, completely ignoring my words, but he learned the essence of my theory of non-violence and non-cooperation, and this fellow gently changed the subject. "I'm surprised that yuan Ze is so happy to learn the kung fu of your triangle cat!" There was only a wall lamp in the room, and the soft light came from behind him, plating a halo all over his body. He sat there quietly, his back against the edge of the table, his right hand on the back of the chair, and looked at me lazily. What's so strange about the fact that there must be my teacher when three people walk together? I threw it back casually. We have been arguing about this topic from childhood to adulthood. I can give him a hundred and eighty kinds of reasonable, powerful and restrained answers with my eyes closed. Don't you understand the reason very well? Why don't you ever practise what you preach? He curled his lips disdainfully. Why didn't I practise what I preach? I am a good student who is modest and eager to learn! I am determined to set things right. How can he slander me like this? "You're full of questions now. Why don't you ask?" He asked in a strange way. I don't have it! My mouth is hard, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, yes, now my heart is in a mess, like a mess, I want to untie it, but I can't find a clue. He snorted and shut up coldly. I ignored him and continued to be my ostrich. The milk had run out. I flattered him by holding out the cup and motioning him to have another cup. He took it gently, put it on the desk, and said lightly, "You can't drink too much at night, your eyes will be swollen." "Oh," I nodded, well, now is at his house, he is the biggest, wait for me to go home to drink well, "you are not to say something to ask me?" He gave me a sullen look and said nothing. If you're all right, I'm going home. I tried to stand up, only to find that I was still weak. "Lie down," he said coldly. "I do have something to ask you, and you have to think about it before you answer." I leaned back in my recliner and blinked in agreement. Is it really because of a name today? Or did Zhou Hua make you take things too hard? He spoke slowly, I could not see his expression clearly, only felt that there was a kind of emotion hidden in the words that I could not say clearly. I was speechless. I only said the beginning in the yard just now, but how could I tell him something that I didn't understand myself? You can say whatever you want, but I'm used to your incoherence. He hit the nail on the head and easily saw through my hesitation. Why are you so. I stared helplessly, but it was a pity that I was forced back by his cold eyes. I sat on the couch and told him how I heard my mother read the name when I was a child, my father's soliloquy, my guess, the name mentioned by Zhou Hua's mother, and Zhou Hua's description of Grandpa's family. yuan Li listened patiently to my illogical narration. Except that the time was accurate, almost all the other information was my guess and analysis. He was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth gently. What are you worried about? He asked. I? Worry I stared at him. Was I worried? "Yes," he looked at me with burning eyes. "You are worried. You are worried that the'Rong Bin 'you heard today is the'Rong Bin' in your mother's mouth. You are worried that you can't continue with Zhou Hua for this reason. You are also worried that you can't overcome the psychological shadow and can't accept Zhou Hua as the son of'Rongbin '." There is no doubt about his tone, and I have to admit that what he said is true. A large part of my fear comes from my fear about the future of Zhou Hua and me. I can't imagine being with my son who betrayed his mother and may even be the culprit of his mother's suicide. If everything is true, I'm afraid I don't have the courage to face him and his mother. Looking at my face full of panic, yuan Li gently, "is your feelings for him so little, too thin to overcome such a small obstacle?"? After all, those are the grudges of the previous generation and have nothing to do with you. I was silent, unable to answer his question. He said with some sarcasm, "So your love for him is so fragile that it can't withstand a specious suspicion." "Me." Is it really because my feelings for Zhou Hua are not deep enough? In ancient times,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, one piece of money was 1000 Wen, a quarter of the money. That's 250 Wen. So, yuan Li is satirizing that the two boys are 250. This guy! Wipe sweat ~ ~ The author has something to say: "Love Spiral" maintenance log.


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