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He did not feel that the blood gas around them was from killing zombies, he silently observed for a period of time, found that killing so many zombies, the blood gas around them did not increase, that is from killing. How many people are going to be killed by this blood. He didn't dare to tell his sister this at all. If he fainted, he would be finished. He thought his cover was better, but who knew that it had long disappeared into the eyes of others, but they did not care at all, two teenagers, obviously not much social experience, how much danger can they cause? Fang Nian patted the unruly hand groping on her body, "I'm very tired, don't." The man was patted, a little unhappy, but no longer unruly, see her eyes fall on the two children, said, "What do they have to look at?" Fang Nian said, "I always feel that there is something wrong with that boy. Let people keep an eye on him." Hearing this, the lazy man immediately tightened his nerves. "Camouflage?" Disguised as an ordinary person, he approached them and tried to deal with them? They had so many enemies that he immediately thought of many possibilities. Fang Nian shook his head. "I don't feel dangerous. I just feel something is wrong." The man relaxed again and did not feel the danger. "You are too fussy. If there is anything wrong, kill it." Said like killing chickens and pigs, Fang Nian did not feel wrong, "There is still a way to the base, who knows what will happen, keep it." If something happens, just push him out. They were originally this kind of plan,Small Geared Motors, now the world is too dangerous, who knows what danger they will encounter, before they were almost wiped out, this will see the awakening of the power of Lin Xiaoai decided to let him temporarily join. 、 Lin Xiaoai two people in this group of people, very frightened, but still want to follow them to "hunt", in their words, they do not raise idle people, if he can not come up with the corresponding ability and strength, they will leave him,24v Gear Motor, although Lin Xiaoai want to take his sister to leave them as soon as possible, but absolutely not now. If the two of them were left behind, it would be a bad luck. On this day, when they passed by a city, they suddenly felt wrong. The zombies wandering in the city suddenly seemed to be disturbed by something and became manic. Lin Xiaoai and others gasped and read a prompt way, "Go!" But it was too late, the zombies quickly gathered together, black pressure of a pile of people, the body is a bad smell, Fang Nian and others scalp tingling, see the way to retreat has been blocked, immediately fled upstairs, Fang Nian thought it was something on them that made the zombies so violent, but when they went upstairs, they found that the zombies did not catch up. Instead, they gathered towards the building next to them, and from upstairs, the scene was even more shocking. After a narrow escape, they all breathed a sigh of relief. Fang Nian stood by the window and looked out. "What is that?" He said softly. The others came up and saw the zombies gathered together, brushless gear motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, but there was an empty piece in the middle, and there was a strange little tree growing in the middle of the empty piece, surrounded by seven colors of light, a red fruit at the top of the crown slowly expanded, and the zombies were surrounded by the little tree, obviously salivating badly, but did not dare to come forward. This anomaly means that this small tree may be an unknown treasure, these zombies are so coveted. Fang Nian and other people in the eyes of greed, they walked for such a long time, have not seen such a treasure, this treasure appeared in their side, that is fate. Fang Nian swallowed the next saliva, the heart way how to get this treasure and then slip away, these zombies are not vegetarian. There was a strange voice in her heart that kept telling her to get it, get it. Fang Nian had not wanted something so urgently for a long time, and her blood was flowing faster. Her eyes fell on Lin Xiaoai, Lin Xiaoai body a shiver, subconsciously to retreat, but Fang Nian has narrowed his eyes, "hide what?"? Am I going to eat you? "Aren't you a wood power?"? Can you control it? "Find a way to get it for me, otherwise-" her voice is long, full of threat, eyes fell on Lin Xiaomi behind him, malicious way, "or throw your sister out to feed zombies." Lin Xiaoai's body suddenly turned into a wood carving. These zombies covet the fruit of this small tree so powerful, how can let a "food" succeed? Lin Xiaoai was covered in blood, several people in the team had been submerged in the lost pile, even the leading man was scarred, but Fang Nian did not care about these, her eyes fell on the small tree, trembling hands will touch it. Eat it, eat it.. A corner of her heart kept clamoring, and the man watched the zombies come around again, anxious way, "go!" As soon as he said this, Fang Nian's hand was about to fall on the fruit, but they suddenly felt a pressure, like the weight of the air, pressing their bodies down, and then looking at the past, they saw that the zombies who had been attracted by the small trees wanted to flee everywhere as if they had met some natural enemy. The hair on Fang Nian's neck stood up, and her instinct kept clamoring for danger, so that she quickly picked the fruit and left, but her hand could not go any further. Lying on the ground dying Lin Xiaoai is like seeing a ghost looking at people, strong pressure to let Fang Nian can not move, but also let the zombie without mind to make way for a road, a person leisurely from the end of the road. And the chaos of the end is not commensurate with the dirty, her arrival so that this area seems to be back before the end, long black hair supple loose behind, light windbreaker, at the foot of a pair of high boots, it seems not to walk in the end of zombies everywhere, but like walking, lip color is also light pink, as if painted with a layer of lipstick. The leading man and the rest of the people's eyes are not straight, this kind of beauty is rare before the end, let alone after the end, knowing that she is very dangerous, there are countless strange places on her body,small geared motors, but their eyes can not be removed, as if she has a hook on her body, their attention is firmly attracted to her. ichgearmotor.com


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