First-line female forensic doctor

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Originally, everyone thought that there would be a new development in the case this time, but it never occurred to them that the cockerel would soon confirm that the owner of the fingerprints and long hair was Lan Keying. I have to say, this result is really surprising. Especially when Long Aotian got the result, he himself could not speak for a long time. Now, no matter from which aspect, all the evidence points to Lan Keying. Is it true that Lan Keying did this? Long Aotian doesn't believe it. The same cockerel doesn't believe it either. A cockerel is never a man who believes in evil. The boy's brain is also very active. Chief, and everyone, have you ever thought that when we first went to the scene, we searched very carefully, maybe there would be omissions, but it is absolutely impossible to have such a big omission! As soon as everyone in the Major Crimes Unit heard this, they all raised their eyebrows and looked at the cockerel. The cockerel continued. Don't you think it's strange, especially where we found fingerprints again this time? Last time, I searched there, but I didn't find fingerprints. You can check the records in the last law enforcement recorder. At this point, everyone remembered. Yes, last time,CSD filling line, I had to remove almost all the sink and check it, but I didn't find anything. Last time, I was supposed to look so carefully. If there was a long hair in such a conspicuous place, how could I not find it? Long Aotian's eyes narrowed and his big hand clapped heavily on the table. Look at all the law enforcement recorders, look at the places photographed on the last law enforcement recorder, and take a closer look at them all! "Yes!" As soon as everyone in the Major Crimes Unit heard this, they all answered in unison,juice filling machine, and then they began to pull up the records of their last law enforcement recorder and began to look through them. But no one saw Yu Xiaobo's eyes flashed quickly, and there was obviously a touch of uneasiness surging in the depths of his eyes. All the contents of the law enforcement recorder were called out. Everyone is sitting in front of the computer and staring at the video on the computer monitor. Look at every detail of the crime scene that was photographed. Chief, I found it. Look at this sink. There's no hair at all. Yan Ming suddenly cried out with some excitement. And his voice immediately drew the attention of all the people. Everyone came together, and sure enough, the sink was clean and there was no hair. But on their second trip to the crime scene today, they actually found a long hair in the sink, and proved that the long hair belonged to Lan Keying. What does this mean? Everyone in the Major Crimes Unit, one by one, you look at me, I look at you, how can they not think of what this means. But That idea, for them, is really terrible, water filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and they really don't want to think about it. Long Aotian's eyes sank slightly, and then slowly opened his mouth. So, in other words, the blue forensic hair and fingerprints were put there by someone during this time, who? ” There was a very strange silence in the office of the Major Crimes Unit at this moment. But the cockerel was very emotional. I know, I know, the person who can get my master's hair and fingerprints can only be our internal people, so that is to say, there is a mole among us! The cockerel so directly said the fact that everyone had already thought of in their hearts so directly and without concealment, and when the voice fell, the cockerel's eyes sank slightly. Why, why do you want to hurt my master so much? What enmity does my master have with you? Do you know how much the gift she gave you is worth? The cockerel's voice was a little sad and indignant. I never thought that the person who framed my master was actually one of our own, which is really disappointing to the extreme! Long Aotian raised his hand and stopped the cockerel from going on. However, as far as Long Aotian's temperament is concerned, he naturally can't do that kind of thing to whitewash peace. At that moment, he opened his mouth, and his voice was clear and cool. If you don't come forward, then we have to find out by ourselves, but the fact is, if this is found out by us, then how serious the consequences are, I believe that since you dare to do this, you already know. As he spoke, Long Aotian's sharp eyes were also coldly swept over the faces of all the people. It's cold and icy. With a biting cold, it blew over the faces of the people. It's just that everyone is looking as usual. But someone broke the silence directly. Chief, it seems a bit of a coincidence that the white dove has asked for leave! "Flat light voice, but no different from in the hearts of the people cast a huge thunder." How could it be a white dove? The relationship between the white dove and the blue forensic doctor is so good? Not too small, but it is light and leisurely tunnel. Anyway, judging from the current situation, the white pigeon is the most suspicious. Chief, why don't you contact the white pigeon again, tell her about this situation, and then listen to what she says! I have to say, this proposal is reasonable and reasonable. Long Aotian nodded, then picked up the phone on the table, directly pulled out the pigeon's mobile phone number. The phone was quickly connected, but no one answered it until it hung up automatically. Long Aotian twisted his eyebrows, then pressed the repull button again, but he repulled it seven or eight times in a row, and the result was just the first time to copy it. And the faces of everyone in the Major Crimes Unit could not help but sink. The monkey thought about it and said a word for the pigeon. Boss, maybe the pigeon is busy now,water bottling line, or we can call her home, she is not free to answer now, but it does not mean that her family is not home to answer the phone! 。


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