He stands in the depths of time (Doctor Wen has a special liking for him)

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So, the split swimsuit that I was going to change into when I was soaking in the hot spring was now hanging on the armrest of the sofa, impartially, on Wen Jingran's left hand. Ah As promised, I closed my eyes in despair. Why did she want to buy a bikini in the first place? Obviously, her mood of collapse was too obvious. Wen Jingran looked up at her and was somewhat puzzled: "Very embarrassed?" Shaking his head as promised, he opened the cabinet and took out the blanket. After thinking about it, he went around to the bedroom and carried a pillow. Then, when he handed it to Wen Jingran, he pretended to put the swimsuit away naturally and went back to the bedroom as if nothing had happened. She designed this series of movements several times in her mind, and there was no mistake in the actual execution. Apart from unconsciously straightening her back and stiffening her steps, she thought the disguise was quite successful. She looked down at the cool swimsuit fabric at her fingertips, still unable to hide her face in frustration. She swore that Wen Jingran must have seen it! That compartment should be as promised to calm the mood, here Wen Jingran is really a little tired, ready to take a nap. He spread out the blanket to cover his waist and abdomen, turned his body slightly, and put his slender legs on the armrest of the sofa. The sofa was spacious enough, but he slept with a sense of narrowness. Wen Jingran closed his eyes. Light fell on the eyelids, slightly dazzling. He raised his hand to cover his eyes, and in the darkness, her gentle footsteps sounded like a cat passing by on its feet, carefully. Suddenly,Beverage packing machine, he had the idea of playing tricks on her again. The shoulder strap. "It seems a little loose," he said hoarsely. Shoulder strap? What shoulder strap? Ying Ruyue held the cup and looked at Wen Jingran inexplicably, until he saw the bad smile on his lips, with a bang, the whole brain seemed to burst into a thousand fireworks, roaring around. Her fingers holding the cup loosened and tightened, tightened and loosened, and it took her a long time to stabilize her voice with restraint and "oh" as if nothing had happened. Immediately,Vegetable oil filling machine, she no longer deliberately put light footsteps, vent their anger in general, kicking slippers into the yard. Behind her, the man she had not noticed quietly bent his lips. The author has something to say: support the hope ~ Ladies, if you have nutrient solution, remember to irrigate Dr. Wen. 06. He stands in the depths of time 5 He stands in the depths of time. In the courtyard outside the small living room, a crabapple tree is in full bloom. Colorful, separated by the hot spring water, it looks like peach blossoms in spring from a distance, clusters, especially bright. There is a short table in the shape of a tree stump under the crabapple tree, which is placed beside the hot spring pool. Not far, not close to the distance, will not let the water splash, but also to the body of the people in the hot spring can place things. As promised, I went to the courtyard to retrieve the aromatherapy lamp beside the hot spring pool. This aromatherapy lamp was originally used to soothe her spirit when she was going to soak in the hot spring, bottle blowing machine ,water filling machine, but now. No matter what she had planned before, from the moment Wen Jingran knocked on the door, her afternoon schedule had to be changed. Ying Ruyue met Wen Jingran when she was 16 years old. It was January 1, New Year's Day. She had forgotten the exact reason, and vaguely remembered that Aunt Hua had cooked chicken soup and steamed dumplings. She was alone, listening to the voice of the news anchor in the living room, sitting in the dining room and eating dumplings steamed by Aunt Hua. The huge room was empty, and she lit all the lights in the room, but she still felt lonely. When the sound of the TV is slightly low, I can hear the laughter and laughter coming from the next door, and the voice of children's noisy coquetry. When the wall clock in the living room rang on the hour, the long-fermented grievance completely broke her, and she covered her eyes and cried uncontrollably. For as long as I can remember, as promised, I know that her family is different from others. Her parents are always very busy, and she always needs to do something by herself. In those years when she grew up, she gradually learned to grit her teeth and persevere. When she encounters difficulties, her first reaction is never to cry, but to solve them. So no matter how wronged she was, she quickly thought of a solution after venting. She reheated the dumplings steamed by Aunt Hua, put them in a layered insulation box, and rode a bicycle to the hospital to deliver meals. The city of S was very cold that year. She rode through half of the city, and her fingers without gloves were frozen stiff. When she stepped into the old man's department with a thermos box in her arms, only a young man was sorting out the cases with his back to her. The man in front of him was slender and dressed in a white coat. At this moment, because he raised his hand to look through the folder, the jacket of the white coat tightened, revealing a tight waist line. She subcon her height. "How did you get here?" That kind of patient and gentle tone. It's like facing a.. A little girl who sneaks out of the house without the ability to act on her own. Ruyue blinked,PET blow moulding machine, hesitated for a moment, and then whispered, "Ride a bike." 。 gzxilinear.com


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