The Journey of Flower

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"Yes, after the sachet was made, I secretly hid it beside the master's pillow for a long time before I took it out and took it with me." Hua Qiangu smirked. She also studied thd silly. Yunyi and Yuyu hurriedly flew forward for fear that she had done something stupid on impulse. Altty. If my sister likes it, she can give it to you. You don't have to exchange it with an artifact. "A thousand bones!" "Luoshi and others called her anxiously below, fearing that she would act on impulse." Thank you Zixun Xiaoxia smiled at her ecstatically, and Hua Qiangu saw her sad face for the first time with such a brilliant and beautiful expression. But my sister did what she said. You can take this artifact. Otherwise, I won't feel at ease if I accept this sachet. As soon as Zixun Shallow Summer raised her hand, she took the exquisite green luminous beads from the tripod and threw them to her. Hua Qiangu caugh long review! Shallow Summer Love Those who have the light summer of purple fumigation are not kind in nature, but are actually fallen immortals. In the past, he was an immortal in heaven and was famous for his talent and appearance. And in the late festival, disaster Zhou Tian. Hidden in the heart of the emperor, send love to stay immortal. The scarlet clouds rush to the cheeks, and the infinite feelings of spring are dyed; the eyes flow back, and the touching melancholy is revealed. Repeatedly the delicate fragrance of heaven and earth, white marble slabs ,white marble mosaic, trapped in the soul of the soul. To the rippling heart of spring, to the extreme state of Yan, Manli far-sighted, pernicious to the West, defection of immortals, contempt for Tianzun. The common indignation of man and God is not tolerated by heaven and earth. Still harboring evil intentions, peeping and stealing artifacts. The fairies of the past have fallen into the three Tu; the demons of the present have joined hands in a covenant. Whoo-hoo! Cherish the flesh and blood of Nu Wa, and hate the Jade Emperor for having no virtue. Let others do evil, knowing that the gods will decline; Yang Feng harem, knowing that love silk is difficult to cut. The first disciple of Qiangu Changliu is the head of Maoshan. In accordance with the will of the late emperor, I got the true biography of Zihua. The long preface of King Kong Wen, who swore to honor death; the rank of the six Zen ancestors, who covered the blue lamp with gauze. In order to obey the teacher's orders, Zhi An Qunmo. Because of the disorder of the three realms, he helped Taibai in danger. To protect the same door, in order to clear the evil. Immortals have paintings, demons have fields, the East helps, and Xuanyuan escorts. Hundred years of immortal power, five gas accumulated in the ethereal; natural fragrance, ordinary people do not know the true immortal? The sound of the harp moves two, the north wind rises, and the aura rushes to a mixed draw. Gently close the heart immediately, tightly locked in the same room. Spring and autumn are invincible, closed to hear; Yu cloud, empty with resentment. Shallow summer China couch bead curtain, gauze curtain close, calm sleep in the phoenix chariot, no fear in the crossbow. Remaining sound into the ear, how can we forget? Random talk is not clear, the curtain jade fingers still tremble. Who is the person who plucks the string? If he is an old friend, he can understand the lovesickness for a hundred years. It is in vain for me to read the broken thoughts day and night. This feeling can be learned. It is a pity that the hasty boy, slow out of tune, takes pity on the lingering charm, and it is difficult to recall the morning dew for nine days. More begging questions to answer in the lover, leisure has said me? The Journey of Flower (End) Volume III: Shadow Floating Fragrance Moving Shallow Summer · Fuxi Qin Ringing Taibai Mountain Taibai Battle Chapter Words: 3467 Updated: 09-07-12 15:04 The Battle of Taibai After the competition between Zixun Shallow Summer and Hua Qiangu, they returned to the lotus couch with the sachet in their hands and no longer cared about the outside world. The two sides are on the verge of breaking out. Hua Qiangu continued to pluck the harp to stop the demon who was ready to move. Looking at the horizon, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was almost dawn. Suddenly, a blue figure flew quickly and fell into the enemy camp. Looking at his figure, he was very tall, and he could not help worrying in his heart. You're back at last. The Spring and Autumn Invincible is waiting for the wilderness. When he comes, even Fu Xiqin can't stop them. Why haven't you succeeded at this time? The sound of the sky in the wilderness was like a loud bell, and the body was strong, half of the arm was exposed, and large shining muscles could be seen. They have Fu Xi Qin, which is disturbed by sound waves. We don't even have the power to attack. We're waiting for you. How's the cooking over there? "Don't worry, tens of thousands of heavenly soldiers have all been knocked down.". The one who plays Fuxi Qin doesn't seem to be Bai Zihua? It seems to be his new apprentice for a short time. Bai Zihua was led to Laoshan by us before,Agate Slabs Countertops, but now he is coming here. I asked Lan Yu to take the artifact to stop him, but it may not last long. We must move quickly. If we wait for him to arrive, we can't do anything. 。


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