Mortal Mortal Mortal

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"Han Daoyou this word does not ask, actually this Hou also plans to explbut after hearing this, the heart is also a Rin. Ten ancient prohibitions! As soon as I heard this taboo, I knew that it was not something to be broken. There was a flash of surprise in Han Li's eyes, but then he disappeared and looked as usual. I've heard for a long time that Brother Wang is a famous array master, but now he lives up to his reputation. Even the ancient ban,Agate Slabs For Sale, which is rarely known, is known! South Longhou is also a little surprised, and the old man in white shirt looked at each other, with a smile on his face repeatedly praised. Brother Nanlong has talked about it. I've only heard the name. I know nothing about how to break the ban. Wang Tiangu seemed to realize something and immediately became polite and modest. White shirt old man see this, rare smile, mouth then said: The two of us studied for years before we found out. Want to break this ban,Artificial Marble Slabs, or a little bit of brute force to kill, to forcibly break the ban. Or find eight monks with powerful divine consciousness, and use the supernatural power of divine consciousness to transform the form, which can also solve this ban. Forcibly breaking the ban is definitely not possible. This ancient ban is miraculous. Even if the two of us have been attacking this array day and night for months, we may not be able to open it. And on the Mulan grassland, how dare we two unscrupulously display our magical ponks to join them, for fear of turning the tables. After all, both of them were monks in the middle of yuan Ying. If they joined hands, they could not say that they were sure to win over Han Li and others, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, but they could also maintain a clever balance. The two of them took great pains. However, in the face of the treasures brought out from the Valley of the Fallen Devil, the monks in the hall, including Han Li, were naturally moved one by one. Although it is a little risky to go to the edge of Mulan grassland, as the old man in white shirt said, compared with these treasures, these risks are insignificant. Such an opportunity, other monks certainly can not ask for. So they were indignant and secretly determined, and the south Longhou asked a few times, see no one quit, his face also really showed a smile. But there is one thing I want to make clear to you first. If all goes well, really entered the cave house. The two of us have to pick one of the treasures first. The rest can be divided equally. A few Taoist friends have no opinion, right? South Longhou put forward his owot to leak the matter, they left here one after another. However, Han Li looked at the South Longhou two people with unusual self-confidence, it seems that they are not afraid of other people's small actions. Come to think of it, the address and the method of breaking the ban are in the hands of these two people, with their scheming and magical powers, it is really difficult for others to have any ghost ideas. And Han Li will agree to this trip, he has his own thinking. Since he reached the yuan Ying period, because there is no suitable elixir to take, the progress of Qingyuan Sword Jue can be described as snail crawling. Han Li estimated that if he only relied on his own penance in the cave mansion, it was estimated that without two or three hundred years, he would not be able to reach the peak of yuan Ying's early days. As for whether we can still enter the middle period of yuan Ying, it depends on the chance and good fortune. Qualification is not the most important thing. 。 Because the yuan Ying Friar who can go to this step, which one is not a talented person. According to Han Li's original plan, as soon as the fair was over, he would retreat and practice the secret skills for more than a hundred years. After all the skills were completed, he would leave the cave and travel around looking for some ancient sites and treasures of heaven and earth. Only in this way can we find an opportunity to see if we can enter the next realm ahead of time. Now you have a chance to get the famous treasure of the Valley of the Fallen Devil. How could Han Li give up. Maybe this is a chance for him! And a few other people's minds, I'm afraid he is not much different. I don't know how many years these yuan Ying old monsters have been trapped in the early stage. It will not miss any opportunity to break through. But falls the evil spirit valley to perish together the evil spirit repairs, but is not the ordinary ancient friar, it is said that is also the apex existence in that time's ancient friar. Remaining exercises or elixirs are naturally no small matter. For that reason alone. It's not up to Han Li not to be tempted. However, since the young master of the Ghost Gate will also go together,Marble Granite Price, if there is a chance to destroy the other side on the way. Han Li will naturally be impolite. As long as he is not caught on the spot by Wang Tiangu of the Ghost Gate. What else can the other side really do to him? You should know that the relationship between the Demon Way and his present alliance is originally hostile. Han Li, while thinking about life and death, went to his residence on a bluestone street.


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