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He strode up to meet him, sullenly, like a money-hungry creditor. The Yellow River God Jiao suddenly rushed up. The three masked men suddenly cut them out, and three long swords, cold as electricity, stretched out to block the way. "Slow down!" They shouted in unison! Zheng Brother Zhang. The Yellow River God Jiao shouted, "If you catch them and ask them again, they will tell the truth. They will never admit it. It will be too late if they don't do it again." "" The masked man who had uncovered his face towel said coldly, "We are heroes and heroines, and we also think that the other side is a hero. We have a clear distinction between right and wrong. Do it." Never deny what happened; they are not unknown and will not damage their own reputation. Brother Zheng, please wait a moment. Wait for the brother to ask before you do it. Late. The down-and-out scholar pointed to the Yellow River God Jiao and said with a guffaw, "Your Excellency, don't mind your own business. We'll celebrate the festival later." Must confess. Look, there is an open space on the left, which is where your body lies. If you are afraid of death, you can fight with others and let others take your place. You block the disaster. If you are a member of the Eight Heroes of Leijiapu, even if you know that you will die, you have to stand up and fight with me there. Kill the guy to solve. You and I are both famous figures in Wulin. Do you dare? The Yellow River God Jiao was originally a little guilty, but was excited by the words of the poor scholar, so he flinched and looked to the left. Coincidentally, the open space was originally a dry field by the river. On one side of the river, there are only some weeds blocking it, which is about twenty feet away from the surface of the water. The surface is turbid and the water is surging. Seeing the way out, he laughed and said, "I'm going to teach you to go as you wish." He took the lead. The down-and-out and poor scholar followed him and said,smart board interactive whiteboard, "Don't be afraid first. It's a big taboo for people who practice martial arts to be timid before fighting. Your Excellency taught me how to do this." Wish, hehe! Don't you think you're going to die? The two men left the scene and the masked man did not stop them. I am Ran Guanghua, the White Tiger Star, the eldest of the sixteen evil stars in the Taihang Mountains. The masked man, who had uncovered his face towel, spoke and asked by name. "Are you Sima Ying?" He asked. "There's only one Sima Ying," said Sima Ying with a smile. "That's me." "Well, Ran is looking for you." "Please advise?" Zhang Di, our good friend Yin Wolf,smartboards for business, unfortunately fell into the hands of Niubi in Wudang. In the mountainous area west of Zhennan Prefecture, he was attacked by two masked men. From the dark hit a throwing knife, also killed two old way. The two masked men, one tall and one short, had amazing attainments, including the Taihe of Wudang. The master of the temple also failed to intercept the murderer. When the White Tiger Star finished, he took out a throwing knife from his belt and threw it, saying, "This throwing knife is." Ran sent someone to steal it from Wudang Laodao. This is the knife that killed Brother Zhang, but yours? Sima Ying's throwing knife was custom-made. It was four inches long. There was no blood groove. The weir was not visible. The handle was very short. He took the knife. Without looking at it, he knew it was his own. He threw it back and said, "Yes, this throwing knife is under me." Things.. The White Tiger Star drew out his long sword with a bang and said sharply, "If you kill, you will pay for your life; if you owe, you will pay for your money; if you do anything for your friends, you will do anything for them." Ran, smart interactive whiteboard ,65 inch smart board, someone wants to fight you to the death. "Wait!" Sima Ying shook his hand with a sneer and said, "I went south from Yunnan County to Zhuo Xi, my teacher, to bid farewell to Jing." Returning to Chuxiong Mansion in the east ae to push it all?" "There is no need for Sima to push, no need to deny what he has done, and there is no need to kill a nobody to ruin his reputation." Clear. "Bah!"! Are you saying that Zhang Di is a nobody? "Th rushing up. Sixteen evil gods all pulled down their masks, and after a little discussion, the three parties stood by to prevent Sima Ying and Miss Xuan from escaping. Go, sit on the sidelines first, also take the opportunity to see Sima Ying's attainments first and then plan. Sima Ying walked toward the five men headed by the green-clothed Yin God, without putting the other in front of him. Left first empty flat, the Yellow River God Jiao one Yes, I have already started to work hard. In the open space of the lawn in the distance, the down-and-out scholar ferociously walked toward the Yellow River God Jiao. With a cold hum, he whispered, "At the foot of Baoquan Mountain." You Fengyun Bahao pretended to be the God of Heaven and tried to kill Xu with the wheel battle. Finally, the dragon swordsman dog stabbed me three times. Jian, this debt should be paid off gradually. Zheng, today is your doomsday. Your flying skill is like a loach. You can't run away. The Yellow River God Jiao withdrew the sword, removed the water hook, and said proudly, "You had a long life that time. You slipped away like a rabbit, Zheng." It's a pity that it's not the turn to make a move. You go! Give you two hooks to open your eyes first. The sound falls the person to rush in, divides the water hook to burst into a cluster of lightning, attacks the head, the chest, attacks the abdomen and the foot, looks like has hundred divides the water hook, shoots ferociously To. With a guffaw, the down-and-out and poor scholar sent his sword out of the wind and thunder. He leaned forward and waved two swords in succession. But see the long sword into a dragon, with incomparable Fast and strange speed, the sky is dancing to meet the hundreds of electric awn, fast! Dazzlingly fast. Both sides are fast, a full blow, want to break without contact is difficult to do, not to mention both sides have used their full strength, the blade change is also inevitable. Yes. Zheng! Clank, clank, clank! Zheng! The sound of the dragon is deafening, the sound of gold and iron is deafening, and the sparks are flying. Down and out, poor and fierce Such as the lion, gas swallows the river to attack. Every time there is a sound,4k smart board, the Yellow River God Jiao must step back, one forward and one backward, and the two men are tightly entangled.


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