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Mercifully, I ordered the wolves, who were about to tear up the beautiful fox maiden and her relatives for dinner, to let them go. Incense is used to pity, jade is used to taste, flowers are used to pick, and beautiful girls, is used to let her pain, fusion of human beings in the other world, I came to such a messy conclusion. How can I scrape a piece of such a lovely girl? I threatened my subordinates in the most ferocious tone. If anyone dared to hurt her, I would twist off his head and wipe his ass with it. I am a wolf who pays attention to personal hygiene. Then I told her in my softest voice that she could leave safely and that no wolf would dare to hurt her again. Because my voice was as gentle as the spring breeze, the movement was so small that the trembling fox girl did not hear it at all, and finally I had to speak out my mind. I printed a magic symbol on her delicate arm, which is my exclusive symbol. I told her that she could leave safely, and that the orcs who bullied the weak and feared the strong would not dare to touch her in the future, because it was me, the wolf of the demon wolf, a shameless gang fight boss. [db:wangzhi] Chapter IV New Pursuit WWw. XiAosHuotxt. COM she went away with tears of gratitude, and her lovely expression and a pair of pointed ears with fine hair made my heartstrings tremble. She left, also took away my heart of a wolf, I think I am in love, this is my first love,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the first love of the precious Wolf King. But I didn't even dare to go near her. She was so beautiful, and I was a wolf on all fours. Once, I was proud of my beautiful hair and strong body, proud of my noble and pure blood, but now it has become a factor of inferiority for me, and I dare not pour out my love to this fairy girl. Ow ~ Ow ~ whoo ~, "I roared to the sky with my sharp fangs, and the result was to make the fox girl and her parents run faster.". Oh! How I want to evolve like the lovely fox girl, and finally walk with legs upright and chest out,outdoor ficus tree, but now I can only look at the wolf and walk on all fours, I can only watch her walk away affectionately, otherwise what can I do? Can I put my sharp claws on her pink little ass and force her to mate with me? Wrong, wrong, wrong, how can I use such shameless language? I should say that I enjoy the pleasure of fish and water with her sweetly. Yes, although the meaning is the same, but the word created by human beings is really hypocritical, no, no, it is really beautiful, the naked packaging is sacred and incomparable, so indulging oneself has become a great goal. God, when I think about it, I want to be a man even more. My consigliere, artificial banyan trees ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, who had never accepted any advice from me, ran up to me in a very mysterious way: "My king, you are so kind, you are so great, and you have spared their family.". I asked for her name. Do you want to know? My heart jumped up, but I deliberately turned my head as if nothing had happened, licked my paws with my tongue, and casually asked, "Oh?"? I didn't ask her name just now. "Her name is Lolita, my king." Lolita, "I looked at the girl who was fading away in the red sunset, and the red soft light in her red eyes." My king, do you like the fox girl? "Nonsense," I raised my head and sneered. "Nonsense. Which eye did I see in her?" "Ah, my king, your left eye has been fixed on her energetic, gently wiggling little buttocks." "What?"? Is there such a thing? What is my right eye doing? "Of course it is!" "*** you!" I grabbed it with one paw and threw it out. I was able to make this monster roll three times with enough force, but in order to show my power, Hakula added four more laps and rolled very far, and when he came back, he brought back a stench because it was covered with a pile of shit. When I ordered him to roll into the pond to take a bath, (by the way, influenced by the retail investor who plays the stock market, I am now very particular about hygiene. No matter who is in the group, I have to leave the accommodation when it is convenient. After it is convenient, I have to bury it with soil. I am not allowed to make the nest stink to high heaven. I am not allowed to eat when I urinate and defecate everywhere.). When Hakula was bathing in the pond, he grabbed a blood-sucking weaver from his body and threw it into his mouth to chew. At the same time, he did not miss any opportunity to continue to flatter: "My king, it is not a shameful thing to be in love. You are so young and strong. You need to give birth to your strong blood to continue the existence of my family.". To be precise, you need a group of spouses. What a sacred thing it is! My king, you really don't need to feel shy. The leaders of the clan and I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, ah! My king is a thin fox girl. How can she be as beautiful as a girl of my clan? With the impassioned speech of the demon, the first leader of my clan, the demon wolf, gave a low roar, and several'beautiful wolves' who were most in line with the standards of the wolf clan came to me shyly and bent down meekly, ready to accept my favor. In fact, according to human aesthetics, they are also very beautiful, well-proportioned figure, silky hair, pointed ears, of course, this measure does not regard them as beautiful women at all. I noticed that one of the female wolves was a little less beautiful and had a thick waist. She was not qualified to be my favorite concubine at all. But she looked familiar. I looked carefully and recognized that she was the sister of the first leader of my clan, the first leader who used public office for personal gain. Really! I do not want to, immediately refused: "No!"! I don't need it! This is true. Once upon a time, I could not help drooling when I looked at their graceful figure and overdeveloped tongue gland, but now I have no feeling of heartbeat. Why is that? Asked Hakula Madada, who had just climbed out of the water and was covered with a wet deer, and the old man was still playing the role of a little girl,silk ficus tree, which was disgusting. I swept it into the pond again and said ferociously, "I want to know, too. Why?"? I'm fed up with this kind of life. I'm not happy at all. I can't find a way to be an adult on the grassland. I want to leave here and try my luck in the human world. hacartificialtree.com


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