Human Skin Analects of Confucius _ Ye Wenbiao

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On the bank of Huangshui River, Xiping Pavilion [Xiping Pavilion: now Xining City, Qinghai Province]. In the second year of yuanshou (121 BC), in order to block the north and south and isolate the Qiang and Hu, General Huo Qubing of Biao Qi marched westward to the Huangshui River, built Xiping Pavilion, set up two counties of Linqiang and Poqiang, reached Qinghai Lake in the west and Jincheng in the east to defend the Western Qiang. Since then, the Huangshui River Basin has been included in the boundary of the Han Dynasty. Xiping Pavilion is built on a high platform, surrounded by dock walls, like a small town. Inside the dock, there are official guards, stationing troops and houses for residents, and beacon fires can be held on the dock. Set up guard Qiang a captain, in charge of military training garrison everything, in addition to the governor of post, inspector of subordinate officials, inspection prison. Western Qiang to nomadic for a living, since the year after the defeat of the west sea, although occasionally violated, but are scattered plunder, in recent years there is no big war, therefore, here all the year round quiet, lonely years. This afternoon, protect Qiang a captain and the post is drinking in the pavilion,D BHB Factory, suddenly heard a rush of hoofbeats, look up, a horse galloping from the east, see saddle and the rider's clothes, vaguely discernible is post riding. Here is located in the frontier fortress, and little war, rare to have a messenger to come, two people busy together under the pavilion. Soon, the post rode into the east gate and came to the two men. The messenger got off his horse and presented the post newspaper. The two of them started reading together. It turned out to be an urgent document sent by Du Zhou from Chang'an. It was more than two thousand five hundred Li from Xiping Pavilion to Chang'an,Sex Enhancement Powder, and it took only six and a half days to ride day and night. Protect Qiang a captain read the post, with the governor of the post: "It turned out to be an old garrison soldier who had fled to the capital city. I don't know what he had done."? "I'm afraid it's not a small matter for me to send an urgent report from thousands of miles away." "You should be in charge of the old guard. Please check it out." "Well, there are only a few hundred families garrisoned here, and there are bookkeeping, so it's easy to check." The governor's name was Jin Chan. He was born in a poor family, but his position was low and his heart was high. When he saw Gongsun Hong, a pig herder, he learned the Spring and Autumn Annals at the age of fifty, but he was able to become the prime minister. He was envious of him. When he was a teenager, he decided to die. He abandoned his family and sought a teacher everywhere. Can't afford to pay the tuition, with labor to offset, clean the toilet to dig dung, are willing. After studying for nearly ten years, he reluctantly learned some of the Spring and Autumn Annals, and sought a position as a petty official. He worked hard for more than ten years before he got the title of postal governor. But here is remote, desolate and cold, in a year, even strangers can not see a few, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, how can we live for a long time? Now that he finally had this job, he was so happy that he read the post newspaper over and over again, and saw the lines of ink, as if they were steps up to the sky. He hurriedly called the scribe and ordered him to check the household registration of the garrison. It wasn't long before the scribe checked and reported, "According to the post paper, the old man should be a prisoner who came here with General Biao's Western Expedition. Those prisoners all live in Quliu Pavilion by the Huangshui River. I have ordered someone to report to the head of the pavilion there and ask him to inquire about the missing persons." In less than an hour, the head of Quliu Pavilion came to report, "Apart from the dead, only one person in Quliu Pavilion has been missing in the past two years. His name is Shen Dao. He was originally from Langye. He is now 61 years old. He was an accomplice in the case of the King of Huainan. He has been stationed here for 21 years.". According to his family, he left in July and returned to his hometown to attend the funeral. "It should be this man," said Jin Chan. "Who else is in his family?" "There are five more," said Tingchang, "an old wife, a son, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons. The son is the garrison, is not at home, in the west of the Qiang garrison. Jin production listened, rolling his eyes thinking for a long time, life the pavilion long temporarily don't go back, listen to orders, busy to see protect Qiang a captain. After hearing this, a captain who protected Qiang said, "There is no doubt that this is the man. Write a report and send it back to Chang'an." "Is this too simple?" "The post newspaper asked us to find out the identity of the old man. Now that we have found out, what else can we do?" "Even ghosts can't remember us in this poor and cold place. Now it's not easy for a high official in Chang'an to give us a job. We should do more." That being said, there is no place to do this job, even if you want to do it. What else can we do? "There are at least two things that can be dug up again: first, where the old man came from, and second, why he went." "Didn't you say just now that the old man was implicated in the case of the King of Huainan and was sent here to garrison? The old man's family said that he was returning to his hometown to attend the funeral.". ” There are still two dodisease!" "Don't move!"! Take care of it for a few days! Zhu Anshi rubbed his hair hen you finish reciting it." When he finished,Glucono Delta Lactone, Zhu Anshi broke off a piece of Hu cake and handed it to him. They sat on the felt and ate it together. "Can you tell me what you are reciting now?" Asked Zhu Anshi. Embarrassed, she shook her head and said, "I.." I really don't know. 。


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