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He was in a dark and gloomy place-like a corridor. The ceiling was too high to see, disappearing into the shadows. The wall was a black steel plate, stretching upward. He was alone, but there was a voice in the distance. The sound was familiar to him, in another location. Said to him at another time. It moaned and echoed between the black steel walls, like the bird of his childhood. The bird flew into his father's toolshed and did not know how to get out. He panicked and flew around, chirping in despair, hitting the wall hard until he died, and the sound had the same doomed tone as the crow's chirping. It will never escape from this place. You make a plan for your life and do your best. The ghostly voice groaned, "You just want to do your best, but the kid comes home with hair up to his ass and says the president of the United States is a pig, a pig!"! Shit, I don't know. Pay attention, he wants to say. He tried to warn the voice, but he kept silent. Pay attention to what? He doesn't know. He did not even know who he was, though he had a vague idea that he had been a teacher or a priest. God. Oh my God A distant voice screamed. It was a kind of confusion. The sound of impending disaster. God.. Then there was silence. The echo disappeared. Then it started slowly again. After a while — he did not know how long, in a place where time seemed to have lost its meaning — he began to feel his way forward, shouting (perhaps only in his brain),30ml dropper bottle, perhaps hoping to go out with the speaker, perhaps just to find some comfort and hear an answer. But the sound grew farther and fainter, until it became an echo of an echo, and then disappeared completely. He was now alone, walking in the dark corridor. It dawned on him that this was not a hallucination, a mirage, or a dream — at least not the usual kind of dream. He seemed to have come to a middle ground,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, between the worlds of Yin and Yang. But which world is he going to? The disturbing stuff is back. They fell around him like ghosts, until he could almost see them, surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside. All the murmurs of purgatory. A wheel turns and turns in the dark, a wheel of fortune, red and black, life and death, turns slowly, what does he bet? He can't remember and he can't remember, because the stake is his survival, in or out? A choice has to be made. His girlfriend is ill and he has to send her home. After a while, the corridor seemed to light up a little. At first he thought it was imagination, a dream within a dream, but after a while, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, the light became so obvious that it could not be an illusion. The experience of the corridor is less and less like a dream. He could almost see the wall, the dull black turning to a dull gray, the color of a warm, cloudy March evening. He didn't seem to be in a corridor at all, he seemed to be in a room-a membrane like a placenta wrapped around him, like a baby about to be born. Now he heard something else, not an echo, but a deep sound, like that of a nameless God with an unwieldy tongue. Slowly, the voices became clearer and clearer until he could almost tell what they were saying. He began to open his eyes from time to time (or thought he was doing so), and he could actually see the speaker: bright. The ghostly figure, at first faceless, moved about the room, sometimes bending over him. He didn't think to talk to them, at least not at first. He thought that this was the world after death, and that these bright figures were the figures of angels. The face, like the voice, began to become clearer and clearer. He had seen his mother, leaning slowly into his face, saying something meaningless out loud. Another time it was his father, and David Pearson at school, and a nurse he grew to know, who he believed was named Mary or Maria. Faces and voices are getting closer and closer together. Other sensations had crept in: he felt that he had changed. He doesn't like it. He doesn't trust it. He seemed to feel that whatever the change was, it was not a good thing, it meant sadness and misfortune. He went into the darkness with everything, and now he comes out of the darkness with nothing-only some extreme strangeness. The dream is ending. No matter what happened before, the dream is ending. Now the room is very real and very close. Voices, faces He's coming into the room. Suddenly he wanted to turn around and run away-back to the dark corridor forever. The dark corridor was not good, but it was better than the feeling of sadness and disaster. He turned and looked back. Yes, it was there. The walls of the house turned to black steel there. There was a corner by a tent of chairs. People came in and out without noticing it. There was a portal. He guessed it was to eternity. The other voice was going there, and the voice was -- The voice of a taxi driver. Yes, now he remembers. In a taxi, the driver complained about his son's long hair ae, choose, or they will choose for you, and they will tear you out like a doctor who removes a baby from a mother's womb by caesarean section. Then Sarah's face appeared in front of him-she must be somewhere,cosmetic packaging wholesale, though she had never looked down at him. She must be somewhere. She's scared. Now she was almost his, and he felt it, and he was going to ask her to marry him.


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