The poison of online games

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As for other gains, it is much less, after all, the explosion rate of ordinary monsters is not as good as that of copies and BOSS, so only six manufacturing drawings and two skill books were obtained, and each person got about four silver coins. Two skill books, one is Death Rider's "Plague of Chaos", which was happily learned by the fate sky, and the attack power immediately rose, the other is Ashes Warlock's level 15 skill "Enhanced Life", which can passively increase the life value of summoned creatures, and was learned by Luo Moling. Six manufacturing drawings, all for the fat man, this is because people in the practice chat already know, the fat man is now all manufacturing profession, and it seems that this guy's luck is good, so all the drawings to him, let him take to practice proficiency. The fat man did not refuse. Even if he did not get the drawings himself, he would have to find a way to buy them. You know, the competition in manufacturing is very strong. You can't feel great just because you have made two weapons of excellent quality. In the final analysis, the most important thing is proficiency. Although the fat man also knows that his unique method of building, the probability of good quality equipment will be higher, but in fact he also knows that the official standard is right, the higher the proficiency, the higher the probability of building the best, although he played two excellent quality weapons. But in fact, for a player with seven or eight thousand proficiency in the later period to build these low-level weapons and equipment, it is also easy to produce excellent. In the fat man's vision,coltan ore processing, a truly powerful builder should have a unique building method, as well as superior building proficiency, which can be worthy of the name. Of course, plus a good enough character. Now the people in the team, in addition to the fat man is level 19, Luo Moling, fate sky, and crayon knife is also this level, and even the experience of crayon knife is a little more than level 19, only Luo Luo's level is still low,Portable gold trommel, but now also to level 15. Continuous brush strange brush for so long, in fact, we are all a little tired, although the brain wave access device is to let players lie down, but the same thinking activities exist, for a long time, the same will feel mentally exhausted, especially Luo Luo, she was originally a child, used to go to bed early, this time has been yawning, sleepy eyes, she pulled Luo Mo-ling. Pitiful tunnel: "Cousin, I want to sleep..." Luo Moling had no choice but to say to the fat man, "Luo Luo is going to sleep. Let's stop here today." The fate sky and the crayon knife two people, also feel the spirit some exhausted, also is also indicated that must get off the line. You go down! The fat man looked at the time and felt that he could go up for a while. "I'm going to rush to level 20," he said. Originally, the main force of Lian Ji's killing is the fate of the sky. Fatty, this guy is very easy to mix experience in the side. Can you expect him to be mentally exhausted? They also knew this, coltan ore processing ,chrome washing machine, so they said goodbye to him and planned to go back to the city offline. Before leaving, Luo Luo waved to the fat man and said, "Goodbye, brother, take me to PK tomorrow!" "Ha ha, good!" The fat man was happy, and Luo Moling found that what she was worried about had finally happened. ……………… I have something to do tonight, so these two chapters are updated regularly. Chapter 58 I can't get off the stage. After everyone left the line, the fat man thought about it and ran to the place where he had done the task of brushing poison dart frogs in the Inmaigal tribe. Although he is now level 19, the poison dart frog has given less experience, but he came here, not only to practice, but also to brush materials here, to make slow poison materials. Frog poison gland explosion rate is not too high, so the fat man has been brushing here, if there is a gap in the middle, he will also run to pick the surrounding snake saliva grass. Poisonous warlock is difficult to practice, as we all know, although the fat man can pull the train, each time there are only four monsters at most, this is the limit of his control, after all, to keep the miasma toxin and stinger effect on the four monsters at the same time, is a very blue thing, but the poison dart frog is not a quagmire monster BOSS, before long, it will be able to poison their blood volume. Then make up a little knife, and you will be able to harvest experience. Even so, every time he pulls the train, he has to sit down and rest, waiting for the magic value to recover, so the efficiency, of course, will not be too high. A poison dart frog, now can only provide about 40 points of experience for the fat man, the fat man brushed here for more than an hour, killed more tnded to leave. After returning to the city of Asgarod, the ogress bar is relatively slow, probably more than the time of making. When the first progress bar is finished, the system sends a prompt: "The medicine has failed to make, and you have gained 1 point of proficiency in making poison." Tut! The first time he failed, the fat man felt speechless, but he also knew that this was normal, so he continued to make it. System: "Potion production failed,gold heap leaching, you gain 1 point of proficiency in poison production!" System: "Successfully made slow poison, you gain 5 points in poison making proficiency!" System: "Potion production failed, you gain 1 point of proficiency in poison production!" “……” 。


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