China's First Industrial Hemp Biological Extraction and Separation Base Settled in Kunming

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Original Title: China's First Industrial Hemp Biological Extraction and Separation Base Settled in Kunming Map provided by Massachusetts Academy of Agricultural Sciences, University of Industry When it comes to marijuana, many people first think of hemp seeds and drugs. In fact, hemp is an ancient crop and one of the "five grains". Residents in Dali, Lijiang and other places have the habit of eating hemp seeds. Marijuana can not only be eaten, but also be used to make clothes. Now, hemp has another use-cannabidiol extracted and separated from industrial hemp, which can be used for drug development and production to treat epilepsy and other diseases. The First Extraction Base Settled in Kunming Yesterday, the inauguration ceremony of Yunnan Hansu Industrial Hemp Biological Extraction and Separation Base, the first industrial hemp biological extraction and separation base in China, was held in Kunming. At present, Yunnan is the only province that allows and regulates industrial hemp cultivation and processing in the form of regulations. The Drug Control Bureau of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, as the competent unit for the extraction and separation of industrial hemp mosaic processing, will set up a hemp component testing center in the base in the next step to serve the national drug control work with scientific and technological strength. Medicinal extractable cannabidiol At the ceremony, Yang Baofeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that by extracting and separating the non-psychoactive ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp, the project has made it possible to explore the treatment of many refractory diseases such as epilepsy, depression and Parkinson's disease, and will provide high-standard and reliable raw materials for future pharmaceuticals to benefit patients. Yang Ming, a researcher at the Hemp Research Center of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said: "Yunnan can grow industrial hemp at an altitude of 1700 to 2300 meters.". It will be planted in April and May, and can be harvested in August and September. In the future, the main problem of variety breeding is to solve the utilization of mosaic leaves, from which cannabidiol, hemp extraction centrifuge ,decarboxylation after extraction, a non-drug component, is extracted. Medical studies have shown that cannabidiol has a variety of pharmacological effects on the nervous system. According to media reports, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved two drugs containing cannabidiol, one for the treatment of paroxysmal epilepsy in children and the other for the treatment of rare epilepsy syndromes. In October last year, GW Pharmaceuticals, a British pharmaceutical company, also announced that a drug containing cannabidiol had been approved for the treatment of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. In addition, studies have found that cannabidiol is effective in rheumatoid arthritis and helps prevent the spread of breast cancer in the body. Brazil approved cannabidiol for medical treatment last year. Hemp fiber can be extracted from clothing. In recent years, some enterprises in Yunnan have developed hemp seed products, such as shelled hemp seed and hemp oil, which make hemp seed more convenient and delicious to eat. Not only that, hemp fiber can also be extracted from hemp. Clothes added with hemp fiber have good air permeability, moisture absorption and heat dissipation, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew. Some domestic garment factories specialize in the production of hemp fiber. It can be said that industrial hemp has many uses, which can be used in textile, new materials, paper making, health products (food, skin care, medicine) and other industries. Nine varieties have been bred. Guo Hongyan, a researcher at the Hemp Research Center of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the cultivation of industrial hemp can be roughly divided into two types: fiber cultivation and seed straw cultivation. The fiber used in fiber cultivation is the skin of hemp stalks, and the peeled stalk core can be used to make carbon powder or new materials. Cannabidiol extraction uses the mosaic part. Cannabis is found in many places in Yunnan, some of which are cultivated and some of which are wild, which makes it a potential danger for cannabis to be used as a drug. Therefore, the Provincial Narcotics Control Commission and the Provincial Science and Technology Commission set up projects such as "Research on the Prohibition of Cannabis Cultivation and Alternative Cultivation Technology in Yunnan Province" and "Prohibition of the Cultivation of Highly Toxic Cannabis in Yunnan Province", which were mainly implemented by the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Researcher Yang Ming led a team to breed Yunma No.1, the first industrial hemp variety in China,wiped film evaporator, in 2001, with a tetrahydrocannabinol content of about 0.148%. As of this year, they have bred nine varieties of industrial hemp. (Yun Bao All Media Reporter Yang Zhigao Sun Qinxia) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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