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Original Title: Tape Measure Terminator Skadden Mini Rangefinder Experience Recently, the house has been decorated. The family has done this before, so they basically rely on their own hands, which can also save a lot of money. The most common operation in decoration is all kinds of measurements, such as floor tiles, wallpaper, door width and so on. Statistics show that the follow-up planning can be completed. People used to decorate by tape measure, but now with the progress of science and technology, Have begun to use the laser rangefinder, in order to facilitate the decoration, got a SATA mini laser rangefinder, take this opportunity to share the use of experience. As shown in the picture,seamstress measuring tape, the size of Skadden Mini Laser Rangefinder is so small, with a green plastic shell, a screen with white backlight, and only one button on the front,garment measuring tape, which can control switches, modes, units and calibrations by pressing for a long time. Because of its small size, the maximum range of this rangefinder is only 40 m, but it is enough for home use. Expand the full text The rangefinder weighs 24 G and has a built-in 3.7 V 180 mAh battery, which can measure about 4000 times on a full charge, according to the official website. On the top of the fuselage, the round is the laser emitting sensor, and the square is the laser receiving sensor. The corresponding distance can be measured by the cooperation of the two sensors. The data indicated on the official website is 40 m, mini tape measure ,tailor measure tape, and the error of the whole measurement is ± 2 mm. In addition, it supports self-calibration. The lanyard hole at the bottom of the fuselage (the original comes with a lanyard), as well as the standard MicroUSB charging port, the original does not have a data cable and charging head, using the common mobile phone data cable and charging head, it takes 2 hours to fully charge. The effect of laser is actually the same as the infrared laser pen that many people played with when they were young. It will produce a red dot. Be careful when using it. Don't face people or let children touch it. Inside the house, it can be used in the decoration process. The advantage of using this instrument is that one person can complete the measurement, without the need for someone to assist in pressing one end like the traditional tape measure, especially when the measurement length is relatively large. For example, at the corner of this wall, wallpaper will be pasted at that time, so the width of this place has to be measured. First, press it against the wall to keep it stable and prevent shaking. Click the button to start measuring. One second after the laser shoots out, the data can be displayed on the screen. As shown in the figure, the width of the corner of the wall is 0.376 m. In addition, this mode is not the machine itself. For example, when we measure the height from the ground to the ceiling, we need to switch the reference point. When we put it on the ground to measure, the laser does not shoot from the ground, but from the fuselage. So this distance needs to count the height of the machine itself, so switching mode can solve this problem. I measured this position again with a traditional tape measure, and the reading was the same as that of the laser rangefinder. Summary of use: Generally speaking, the emergence of rangefinders has indeed brought great convenience to home decoration measurement. Compared with traditional tape measures, laser rangefinders can immediately obtain data. If they encounter the measurement of the length and width of the house, or even the height, the tape measure will be quite troublesome. Not only do they need the assistance of others, but also a little tilt may affect the final result. Laser rangefinders would not have these obstacles. The function of Skadden's mini rangefinder is relatively simple. It is a pure distance measurement like a tape measure. It can't be compared with a more advanced device. Of course, the price is also the most affordable. This one has only one button,personalised tailor tape, no threshold for use, and it is simple, crude and efficient. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com


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