Antibacterial Filter equipment

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The PF-207 filtration is a filter that can be substituted easily, installed quickly, and service. Filter out heavy metals and 99.9% of micro-organisms to have pure water to drink.
Quick Details
- Type: Activated Carbon
- Model number: PF-207
- Use: Faucet-Mounted
- Power(W): 0
- Place of origin: Taiwan
- Brand name: Chanson Water
- Certification: NSF
- Replacement filter: P7000
鈼?nbsp;Supply Ability
- 10000 Unit/Units per month
- Packaging details: 59*43*29 cm (5 units in a carton)
- Port: Keelung, Taiwan
鈼?nbsp;0.5 micron coconut shell activated carbon block
鈼?nbsp;Remove most VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
鈼?nbsp;Remove chlorine and any odors
鈼?nbsp;Filter out heavy metals and 99.9% of micro-organisms
鈼?nbsp;Patented technology:
Patented twist-lock filter with anti-leak technology. When replacing filter, it isn鈥檛 required to turn off the water source.
鈼?nbsp;Multiple Filtration:
The compressed activated carbon block made in America can absorb contaminants and chemicals. It is capable of keeping the necessary minerals we need in the water simultaneously.
And Silver Nano Technology Membrane is set up the outer layer of the carbon block is used to filter out heavy metals while sterilizing up to 99.9% of micro-organisms.
鈼?Filter life:
To guarantee the best drinking water quality, the filter should be substituted every year or 8000 liters (the replacement time may vary owing to the source water quality of different regions).
If the flow rate becomes low as a result of poor water source quality, please replace it with a new one as soon as possible.
Filtration tested approval for NSF53/42 drinking water standard
About us
Chanson Water has been developing total water solutions to families and households since 1979. From design, assembly, to manufacturing Chanson each product goes through an extensive process to make sure that our users gain the best user experience when using Chanson products. Our goal is to bring a healthier lifestyle to all through the water we drink.
Quick Details
- Business type: Manufacturer
- Country/Region: Taiwan
- Year established: 1979
- Total employees: 301 鈥?500 people
- Main products: water ionizer, water filtration system, water filter, water dispenser, and spa shower filter
Q: Are you the factory?
A: Yes, we are factory. Meanwhile, we offer OEM service and buyer label.
Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Production lead time is 3-4 weeks.
Q: Can you provide sample?
A: Yes, samples are available for purchase.
Q: How to contact CHANSON?
A: You can contact us at the phone (886-2-8511-2222) or fax (886-2-8511-0122) numbers, and also visit our website to email us.
Q: Why is my water outflow rate getting smaller?
A: Make sure your filters are changed and machine is cleaned with citrus acid every 1 鈥?3 months to prevent build-up inside.Antibacterial Filter equipment


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